We had a pretty cool net, not too many folks, but a respectable showing.

Here are the brave souls.

  • Joe, KD8ATU
  • Matt, KE4NOY (Shout outs to the WARP-RADIO crowd !)
  • Jeff, WD4NMQ
  • Rusty, WB4BSD
  • Terry, VE3NSV
  • Robert, VE6PWT
  • George, VE6GCS
  • Steve, N7SCL
  • Zach, K5BCT
  • Eric, KE7IRN
  • Steve, N4SJJ

Since I was wiped out from buying a new set of wheels and starting the professional looking install, I had no topic, so we discussed the weather *GASP* and the merits of the 102 ” Whip *DOUBLE GASP*.

Next weeks net should be hosted by Jaymz, K2JSV and I have heard from a good source his topic will be about the benefits of a prostate transplant for the cure of erectile dysfunction.


Stay Tuned !

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