An SK bulletin waiting to happen….

Good friend of the site Bigham submitted a great series of photos to this thread on the Hamsexy Forums. Danke schön to Anders KI4IWX for stitching together this ghastly panorama of the whole shack from the provided photos (click on the image for the full-size, cobwebby goodness:


We are not exactly too sure how much of this junk actually powers up and works, but needless to say his hydro bill is probably through the fucking roof (not to mention the heat all those boatanchors must give off).

Be sure to visit the thread to see the other great photos of this future Silent Key’s ghastly shack, which we are sure is ready to short out and kill the operator any day now.

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1 Response to An SK bulletin waiting to happen….

  1. va3igd says:

    This looks like a disaster waitng to happen.
    Is any one prepared for a disaster of this magnitude?
    Btw, I see a scanner being copied on an all-in-one printer/scanner device, is this legal and can I make more scanners this easily?

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