Hamsexy Net Tonight

The Hamsexy Net is tonight! Huzzah!!

The net will begin at 9pm Eastern time, 6pm Pacific on IRLP Reflector 9008 and Echolink conference *VAN-IRLP*.

Net control will be Joey V KD8ATU, who will be taking the net live from the great state of Michigan, home of Motown, Chocolate City North and Michael Moore.

The theme for the net will be announced at net time.

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1 Response to Hamsexy Net Tonight

  1. KD8ATU says:

    Well, only a few people showed up on time so it was a pretty short net, only lasted 8 minutes.

    KI4PAP Chris Concord, NC
    KC9HNS Travis Plainfield, IN
    K3BM Bob Laporte, PA
    VE6PWT Bob Calgary, AB
    K2JSV James Jeffersonville, NY

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