Antennae – Freudian style

Consider the antenna. Ham radio’s own phallic metaphor. A thick, strong, rigid boner towering 50 feet over your neighbours – what better way to let your neighbours know of your vitality than sporting a huge antenna. They don’t call it ‘erecting an antenna’ for nothing, you know. Be proud, stand in your yard with your hands on your hips, a triumphant look on your face as your huge, steely member casts a shadow on those who live next to you. Add an automatic telescoping boom to your unit, and Freud smiles down upon thee. Your penis might be a meager todger, but your antenna brings your neighbourhood to it’s knees. Relish in it’s glory!

And, if you want to show off your, err, erection to more than just your neighbours, strap your unit onto your car and give off a road show! Brand new Hamsexy Forums member swest certainly made a good impression by using his virgin post to show us these beauties. I just had to show them (and my penis talk veiled in allegory and illustrated by metaphor) to those who browse the front page. Thanks swest, and welcome to theย  Forums!!!

As always, clickey=biggie

Holy shit…. those are some nasty big flyswatters….

The geekiest way to introduce rain to the interior of your vehicle…

Nothing puts the cherry on a multi-thousand dollar install job than writing your callsign with a $1.99 roll of painter’s masking tape.

The guy with the sweatshirt tucked into his jogging pants is their leader.

“Where does the wife sit? Why,sir, do you assume that I’m married?”

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7 Responses to Antennae – Freudian style

  1. rushfan says:

    That there tape is expensive. I love the piece of rubber he put between the window, and the roof of the car preventing rain from entering the inside.

    Ya gotta wonder what would happen if someone would broadside john.

  2. kc7yra says:

    IT just goes to show ya, With a local hardware store and some fishing line, ANYBODY can become the biggest nerd in history.

  3. kitn1mcc says:

    VHF Rover Contester. But damn 6m was so wide open this weekend i was talking to guy in montana from my truck on the 54 in ball whip like they were on the phone

  4. CGIWN2 says:


    VHF Rover……. Duuuuuuuuude!!

    I bow b4 these “VHF+ Gods” in envy..

    Hey, I had some bug-catchers on my truck.. Wife made me take them down b4 I got arrested or somthing.



  5. n1zzz says:

    Of course it had to be an “all Z” suffix wouldn’t it?


  6. Hmm… “Veiled in allegory and illustrated by metaphor.” Do I detect a brother? Even though I see some light on the main page.

  7. VE3HBD says:

    Very perceptive ๐Ÿ™‚

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