Hamsexy Net Tonight

The Hamsexy Net is tonight…. the usual Wednesday Night Friendly – the net will begin at 9pm Eastern time, 6pm Pacific on IRLP Reflector 9008 and Echolink conference *VAN-IRLP*.

Net control will be Tom KU4MY, the Welsh freak who hails from the fair city of

The theme for the net will be announced at net time.

For those who are lacking access to Echolink or IRLP, the net will be broadcasted on the Warp Radio Network – listen to the stream and participate in the live chat. As well, stick around for the great tunes after the net.

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2 Responses to Hamsexy Net Tonight

  1. ku4my says:

    I would have prefered tart, but freak will do.

  2. K3BM says:

    Did you say Tom is from Lickmyhairygooeycooch ?

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