Hamsexy Net Report June, 14th, 2006

What a fine grope….. errrr GROUP of Hamsexuals we had the pleasure of spending time with this evening, so for those of you who were under the false impression that something else, somewhere else was more important than the Hamsexy Wednesday Night Friendly Happy Net, bite my big fat hairy Celtic arse! We were a cluster of seventeen of Hamsexy’s finest, even though Joe – ATU, said that I suck. On reflection, I agree, so, as I did when I started out doing this NCS thing a few weeks ago, I will start forcing or coercing rag chew from each check in as I used to do before it seemed to piss everyone off, HAH!!! Most of the ‘Two-Landers’ were conspicuously absent, with the exception of their finest, James, JSV, who, even if he feels as the other two-landers vocalize, that we are all less than $#ite under their feet, was kind enough to treat us as equals, which, of course, we know we’re not. Without any further frivolity around the old hedge bush, the net report is as follows:

K8TEK Tim – Ottowa, OH

K2JSV James – Jeffersonville, NY

KD8ATU Joe – Grand Haven, MI

WB4ZCP Steve – Fleetwood, NC

KE4NOY Matt – Murfreesboro, TN

KC8TCQ Keith – Napoleon, OH

AB9JV Lenny – Orland Park, IL

VE3NSV Terry – Kitchener, ON

VA3SIE Martin – Ottawa, ON

VE6PWT Robert – Calgary, AB

VE6GCS George – Strathmore, AB

KC8RYW Jonathan – Novi, MI

KG4BMK Stephen – Iva, SC

K3BM Bob – Laporte, PA

KF4UIP Sheryl – Anderson, SC

KB5FSV Jimmy Gautier (that’s Go Shay, boy!), MS

and yours truly, KU4MY Tom – Anderson, SC

Finally, important words to live by “Twll dîn pob Sais!”

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4 Responses to Hamsexy Net Report June, 14th, 2006

  1. k2jsv says:

    Jeez Tom. I have no idea what you refer to with the other 2 landers… honestly.

  2. ZedCP says:

    Always remember, Unka Tom :

    It’s not THAT you suck – It’s WHAT you suck!

    Alba gu bragh!

  3. ku4my says:

    The reason that you have no idea James is because you are one of ‘the good guys’, which simply means that you are not a ‘twunt’ or a fag and you don’t attempt to hook up a D 104 or a Sadelta Echomaster Plus to your sound card for use on Echolink. 😉

  4. Lenny says:

    Good net.

    To those that said “you suck”:

    You also may suck.

    Badda-Bing, Badda-Boom:

    Sucking is in the eyes of the beholder.


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