WA3KYY – Wannabe Kilocycle Cop or General Prick?

This afternoon Bill Clark (K3MHZ) and I got lunch.   While Bill was heading home, I monitored 146.955 (which is a repeater near me) incase Bill got lost getting out my neighborhood.   When Bill got to the main road, he got on the output and let me know he got to the main road o.k.  I told Bill that was great and that I would catch him later, since I was talking to my father on the phone.

While Bill is replying to me the repeater comes up with WA3KYY saying “how about some callsigns”.  I of course reply on simplex stating “we have 10 minutes”.  This prick procedes to attempt to give me grief about courtesy, and how to operate.  (btw-the repeater was not in use, and hadn’t been for at least the 8-10 minutes I was downstairs).

 I attempted to sign with bill and found the repeater had covered me up.  Was WA3KYY using the repeater to interfere with me?  I honestly don’t know.  I did however get on the repeater and tell KYY that using the repeater to cause malicous interference was illegal, and identified.  I then got on simplex and made a second attempt to sign with Bill, calling KYY a prick followed by my callsign.

So, who was the bigger dickhead?  Me or WA3KYY?


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13 Responses to WA3KYY – Wannabe Kilocycle Cop or General Prick?

  1. BLOCKHEAD says:

    KYY could have kept his comments to himself. He was probably pissed because someone was using the repeater output. Big deal. I’m tired of telling people you have ten minutes to ID yourself, but they just don’t listen.

  2. Administrator says:

    You were fine, Seth – that guy was a total moron.

  3. ka8ypy says:

    I would vote for KYY as the dickhead…How did he know you had not ID’d in the last transmission or so??

    If he was so concerned about someone using the repeater output on simplex, he should have said so or kept his mouth shut.

  4. ve7ltd says:

    I blame Seth… Seth is the bigger dickhead. There are two sides to every QSO 🙂

    What I would like to have is a morse ID that I could set at the maximum legal ID speed, and when some lid tells me to ID, I just send out the burst.

    Dave Cameron

  5. kingpin says:

    You could always be a gentleman and challenge him to a good ‘ol fashion keydown with your 100 watt spectra. That would be the hamsexy thing to do… or you can spray paint your callsign on his dog for ID. Yes, I’m on it today….

  6. ku4my says:

    Repeater cops are all effing retarded. Here’s a funny one for ya, I was listening to a net out of da big ol city of Greenville, SC last night and a guy, with OUT a four land call asked the NCS if he had NCS coverage for a net to be called on the “SHO NUFF” (Mt. Mitchell, NC) repeater this Saturday coming up…. the NCS says that he sure doesn’t and would he like to pick it up…… the ’nuffink’ lander sez, “No, I just wodered if you had it covered or not.”….. WTF?!?! The guy is such a moron I should post his call sign here….. but what the hell…… I’m in a good mood tonight. Just another unnecessary transmission from ’nuffink’ lander in Transylvania County, NC.

  7. The IVT says:

    One of the main reasons why I’m never on the radio at home anymore….

    I didn’t think serious dickheads hung out on that machine, though.

  8. va3igd says:

    I think that guys like WA3KYY should let the real Ham Cops (FCC) decide what to do, keep his yap shut and stop interfering with other amateurs.
    So much for the land of the free.
    That same sort of crap happens occasionally here in Canadia as well, where we are only required to identify every 30 minutes.
    Of course we also have the lids that identify every time they key up and say everyone elses callsigns as they talk to them as well.
    Maybe one day they will learn it’s only a hobby, not to be so serious about it all.

  9. zerobeat says:

    KYY was a DH, no doubt.

    The FCC has offered opinion in the past, though, about operating simplex on a repeater’s output frequency. Basically, since the repeater is coordinated to that frequency, in any interference dispute, the repeater wins.

    No biggie – I’d have ignored him. You’d have had your QSO and he’d have felt like he drove off, um, who knows who he thought he was driving off.

  10. va3inv says:

    This is one of the reasons that our repaeters are silent most of the time. Some guys are just so into the rules and regs. How somthing is said is more important than what is said. Overstructured conversation is boring. unless someone is swearing or being obnoxious, just relax. I thik we are getting to the point people are afraid to key up. No one wants to be judged when they speak. While I don’t think that the 11m model is appropriate, I have in the past had some good conversations on there, where free thoughts and ideas flowed nicely.

  11. K8YS says:

    kilocycle cop? no, dick head yes.

    I’d have to wonder why KYY was causing harmful interference.

    The FCC relaxed the rules to where YOU only need to ID within 10 minutes and then every 10 minutes thereafter.

  12. vk2qq says:

    Here in VK a station must commence with an ID then every 10 minutes thereafter. To transmit for the first 9 minutes before adding my callsign would be illegal. And whilst it happens here too, operating on the output of a repeater is asking for trouble when simplex is obviously available.

    KYY must have been lonely. Sad git.

  13. It is sad when hams resort to illegal activity kyy is dead wrong

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