2005 Revisited – The world’s best magmount


Another favourite from 2005 was this gem, taken by Josh K6ZRX at the Livermore, California swap meet. (Thanks for the heads up, man!)

A homemade magmount with homemade test points….. it doens’t look like it could survive a brief rainstorm much less a few miles on a windy interstate. But man, those magnets will ensure that unit don’t go NOWHERE.

I’ll be publishing a few more of my favourites throughout the week.

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5 Responses to 2005 Revisited – The world’s best magmount

  1. uje5ek says:

    You know, one wonders how many times this ham kept having his antenna blow off until he rebuilt it up to that many magnets and its mini-guy wires..

  2. k6zrx says:

    I took that picture! It was at the Livermore, CA swap meet.

    Josh K6ZRX

  3. vk2qq says:

    Considering the amount of damage all that iron would do to the paintwork, wouldn’t it be cheaper to just drill a hole?

  4. uje5ek says:

    Ha! Yea… I just got to thinking, he probably has one of his radios “mounted” under the antenna. I’d imagine it would stay there with all that hamsexy magnetism at work.

  5. CGIWN2 says:

    Hey, Josh

    Did you ever get a pic of that “madmax” ford mustang that used to frequent that swap… That one would have
    been a cool shot!!

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