From the “Who the fuck cares” department…..

Just proof that some idiots have absolutley NOTHING else better to do with their lives…

I’m sure there are charities he could be contributing to, or maybe finally shovelling the snow out from the sidewalk…..

More proof that Ham Radio is doomed.

(With thanks to 007 from the Hamsexy Forums)

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11 Responses to From the “Who the fuck cares” department…..

  1. rabidjade says:

    “Ham” is a pork animal product. People should refer licensed radio operators as either that or two way communication licensed radio operation specialist. AHHH, I wish they would stop using the word “Ham”, its like so non professional and stuff.


  2. Hammy says:

    Like the title says, who the fuck cares!!!

    What the hell does it matter what people use. Also, what the hell does this have to do with ham radio that it got posted in the first place.

  3. ZeroSignal says:

    The more stuff like this I read, the more I pray for the natural-causes cull of most of these ignorant, idiot operators.

  4. va3igd says:

    No wonder so many stay away from this hobby, they are all a bunch of amateurs!

  5. n1zzz says:

    I got a few paragraphs into article before I stopped reading. If he is going to be that anal rentive, he should be going on about using the ITU sanctioned “decimal.”

    When i am in a foriegn country on commercial freqs, I use the full ITU phonetic system including letters, numbers, and “decimal” so that the people (who don’t speak a lick of English) understand me.

    (as an aside, check out how you say the numbers phonetically, they are pretty darn funny)

    On the amateur bands, who cares?


  6. Administrator says:


    There, if we want to get super anal about it….

  7. KC9ECI says:

    Ham radio…making obsessive compulsive anal retentiveness seem normal.

  8. SpectraOrSaber says:

    Stick a fork in the HAM… Oh, It’s done! Period.

  9. KC9ECI says:

    XYL+Dot=Not so bad QUESTION MARK

  10. X says:

    If you’re XYL is having a period, get her a rag…but don’t rag chew, if you g’now what I’m sayin’

  11. uje5ek says:

    at least it didn’t turn into a code/no code argument. 🙂

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