Help support our Dayton 2006 booth!!

We’ve reserved the same booth at Dayton 2006 we had last year (inside the hall, near the ARRL), but we need your help to pay for it. If you can help, paypal what you can to [email protected]. We will be keeping a list of all those who donated, and will be thanking them publicly. Help Hamsexy keep it’s controversial and always fun presence at the Dayton Hamfest!!

Also, we invite all Hamsexy friends in Southern Ontario and Upstate New York to join us in Toronto for our December Hamsexy North meet and drink! It’ll be your last chance to buy Bryan VE3HBD a beer or tell him what a fat loser he is before he moves to Asia in January.

When: Tudesday December 6th 2005 at 7pm
Where: The Foggy Dew Irish Pub, on King street west of Bathurst

Justin VE3UDP is working on possibly arranging our own room, but we need an idea of who is going to show up.

Please RSVP this thread if you want to come. We’re expecting hamsexy friends from across Canada and the USA to attend, and we’d like to see all local friends of Hamsexy there!

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7 Responses to Help support our Dayton 2006 booth!!

  1. The IVT says:

    Who is that woman? Is she the one that was in a batch of photos from the last Dayton?

  2. Lenny says:

    That is K0VD, Yvette Wilde, check her out on QRZ. (I guess N0VD was taken, ha ha)

    I am surprised they didn’t nix her photo as not being “Family oriented”

    We need more hams like her, but maybe a tad bit younger. Sorry Yvette, but we are ALL getting older. You can give me a lapdance anytime.

  3. wd5kca says:

    I am glad someone finally asked the question that needed answering.

  4. wd5kca says:

    Upon further review, it seems that the entry for K0VD has a link to a pron site. Oh, the humanity….

  5. n1zzz says:

    K0VD is a club call. So I am rather confused abt this. Does she have her own call or is she just club eye candy?


  6. uje5ek says:

    too bad qrz foks weren’t going to be there with a booth nearby… that would be an interesting little dill pickle.

  7. k0dd says:

    I caught this thread on a search on Yvette Wilde. Yes K0VD is the club callsign. I’ve been married to her for 24 years and on occasion she plays radio. I too wish she was younger but I was there when she was only 15. She’s done XXX video, Hustler Magazines, was a Professional Dominatrix plus a whole bunch of other nice fun things. She also doesn’t bitch about ham radio. She’s no longer on the national feature tour but works within 100 miles of home these days preparing for her eventual retirement.. She makes a mean set of pancakes with her own formula and owns two Harleys. She can usually be seen in the contest suites at Dayton Friday and or Saturday nights. She’s very approachable and easy to talk to. Her email address is her email address, not a link to a porn site. However if you go to the site of her email address you are at her website. The link on QRZip is to my website. When she isn’t wearing her leather PJ’s to sleep, shes wears her Hamsexy tee shirt. If you think she hot, feel free to email her, she answers all her mail. Sincerely, Bob

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