The Ham Radio Rover

Mike sent us this message and photos:

Hey guys, long time viewer of the site, first time contributor. I have been waiting for the day when I could capture some real hamsexyness. Having
a life and no need for junk out of some fat overweight slob’s basement I find it difficult to attend hamfests. The one closest to me, the Madison OH Ham/Junkfest is not worth the drive or time. Basically I haven’t had my oppurtunity to capture real hamsexyness and contribute to the site. Last evening (sunday the 22nd) I was on my way to a family function and brought the digi cam along with me. Going east on Ohio Route 2 in Paineville OH we came upon a real beauty. The stink was lingering in the air and nauseating, I expected to pull up on a garbage truck but I soon saw it – Driving about 50 mph in the right lane was this whacker complete with 2 whip’s off the back bumper. I instinctively grabbed the camera and snapped these shots. I don’t want to even try and guess what the hell all these antennas on the roof are for, obviously VHF/UHF but it was a sight to behold. I like how the guy has no rear window in the cap, maybe he wants to show off his satellite dish tossed back there along with the rest of his junk collection.

Pulling up next to the truck I got a real good look at the side of the cap. What’s with the “ham radio rover” and the ARS number’s? I am sure the ARRL appreciates the free advertisement of their website. 144200 must be this guy’s hangout with the rest of the dorks or it could be his weight.

Got to love the hardware store, stick on letters that have blown off. Seeing this communications / public service gem of a vehicle was almost as
good as a blond with double d tits flashing as she goes by. This was the best kind of hamsexyness – random and unexpected.

Keep up the good work with the site, I get a good ball bust every time I check it out.

I could say “seven three’s” but “sixty nine’s to all the ladies” is better…!

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344 Responses to The Ham Radio Rover

  1. WA3RDM says:

    check out this address for his truck before he lost the stickers and back door…

  2. X says:

    The guy needs psychiatric help. He’s fucked in the head. His truck is a danger to other vehicles on the road with all that garbage on the roof. Hopefully the OSP will spot him eventually.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, you are the idiot here. All newsvans, storm chaser trucks, fire engines, and other radar trucks should also be illegal then by your standards.

  3. sabersaw says:

    “She’s a beauty, Clark”.

  4. batdude says:

    typical ham assclown. i think you meant to say he was in the LEFT lane going 50mph… which is typical.

    what a “HAM”.

  5. zerobeat says:

    Actually, this guy isn’t so bad. He’s a “rover”, those guys get on the really high frequency bands, up to 10GHz. Notice he has no whacker lights. The serious hardware on the roof is so he can make SSB and CW contacts thousands of miles distant from mountain tops. That’s what “rover” means, he roves from mountain top to mountain top. Or, in Ohio, from gentle rise to gentle rise.

    Nothing about these guys makes them wannabe cops or anything.

    It is weird that he’s got that junk plastered on the side of the canopy – most of those guys just have the hardware.

  6. k4wtf says:

    That’s would be:
    You’ve spotted:

    PO BOX 2132
    DEARBORN MI 48123-2132

    Notice that the plate is a MI plate on the vehicle. Gawd… He must be proud!

  7. w7com says:

    I would guess that the camper shell is only put on for rover work. One ham I know has an old VW microbus just for rover work (he calls it the Enterprise.)

    Check out the folks at . Note the mic in the VW cab picture you batwhackers!

  8. w7com says:

    Anyway, a 74 mile SSB contact on 47GHz (yeah, Giga) isn’t anywhere near whackerland. These guys just amaze me.

    -Joe W7COM
    PNWVHFS #201

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