The image that Toronto ARES doesn’t want you to see

[This article has been removed at the request of Toronto ARES, in complience with our “Polite Request” policy – VE3HBD]

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11 Responses to The image that Toronto ARES doesn’t want you to see

  1. cyclops111670 says:

    Oh noooooooo!!!!

    It’s the ham radio Sturm Abteilung!!!

    Sig Heil!! Sig Heil!!

  2. exkalibur says:

    For anyone who cares… The guy with the knee-highs is James Organ, VE3EMT/VE3OSJ. The younger guy to his left, Andrew Jones, VE3GTU/VA3GTU. Rumour has it James is a Taxi driver and Andrew is an RF Engineer for Telus.

  3. va3igd says:

    I don’t actually laugh at Toronto ARES, they may do some good one day, if there is an emergency where the “AMATEUR” operators are requested in by the authorities.
    I just thought the photo was cute and went well with the story.
    Since I know James, I happened to save it.
    I do think someone must have been in a bit of a snit to have taken the photos of the event away from the Toronto ARES site and redirecting the link.
    I like that the Industry Canada states the main purpose of “amateur radio” is entertainment and hope it remains so.
    I like the idea of amateur radio remaining amateur, not as some paramilitary dis-organization run by wannabes.
    Oh well, I hope I retain a sense of humour in my old age and be able to have a chuckle at myself.

  4. Skywriter says:

    Doesn’t he call himself Lieutenant James Organ”?

  5. QRM_King says:

    The guy with the cut off pants look like a member of the Hitler Youth!

  6. va3igd says:

    Hmmm, amazing the attention I get from a few members of Toronto ARES because I passed the pic to Hamsexy.
    I just want to make it perfectly clear that the Hamsexy opinion of James and Toronto ARES are a bit different.
    My opinion James is that he is an overbearing brit that mooches rides, food and drink from others while acting as a know-it-all guardian of the airwaves, demanding others do things his way.
    He has not been a friend to me or to anyone I know.
    My opinion of Toronto ARES is similar to Hamsexy, but, it may be useful sometime, in a major emergency.
    However the Toronto ARES people get off, enjoy folks!
    Amateur Radio, that’s entertainment!
    Lastly, a big thank you to James and all the other entertainers out there.

  7. My group has uniforms, but their not so………gay. Anyway, to each his own, right?

  8. kitn1mcc says:


  9. Hammy says:

    Is that picture of the cop taken from a gay magazine???

    Cause it sure looks like it, not that I have been looking at gay magazines or anything.

  10. va3igd says:

    I now have the pic on my website.

  11. va3igd says:

    WOW, I think somebody thinks called Mr. Organ a mooch.
    Not true, I only said he mooches, I am not the only one.
    I must offer my heartfelt and sincere apologies for offending our good friend in the shorts.

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