Saskatchewan Hamfest…..

Our friend Andy from Alberta (Canada’s Texas) wrote us with a review of the Saskatchewan Hamfest:

Boy this was a real bust. The “flea market” had a few hearty old-timers and some real fleas. (About 15 tables with little to no junk. I felt sorry for the Canadian Forces Reservists who where asked to set-up a “comm” display. These guys must have been the most bored guys there.) From the “program”, it seemed to “look” like a pretty interesting affair. (With messages from the Premier and from a Mayor and other “dignitaries” I thought…. “wow I’m in store for something here!” Boy, was I wrong. What a wasted day, except for meeting some friends from some on-the-air contacts.
Anyways, the picture I sent is of the “ARES whacker” trailer…?! Well, the picture says it all. Poor whacker…poor “hamfest”. Lots of OF’s (I believe the average age was around 70 – REALLY!).
I enjoyed the net on Wednesday and I’ll try and check-in again (nice to be the only one from AB). Sorry that I could not send any more pictures. This hamfest was really bad. I thought for sure that I would be able to get some of some scooters or dumb vehicles. But, it was so bad that I had trouble staying awake. And I drove 6 hours (one-way) to this stupid gathering. Oh well, live and learn…

If you’ve got a report from your local hamfest that you’d like to submit, please e-mail us at

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