Hamsexy Net sign-in roster

He’re the sign-in roster from the July 27th Hamsexy Net…. Our biggest and best net yet – we had a record 40 check-ins from a wide variety of stations. This was also our first joint Echolink/IRLP net. Many thanks to Dave VE7LTD (the inventor of IRLP) for setting us up on our very own reflector (Node 9008 – the Hamsexy Reflector), which features the world’s first dedicated and permanent Echolink/IRLP bridge. It not only allows us to reach a great many more people who might not have access to IRLP, it also stands as a landmark in Ham Radio. We are proud to be a part of this moment in history – it stands with the building of the pyramids, the defiance against the church by Marten Luther, the moon landing, the assasination of Anwar Sadat…. we are part of history, and we thank you.

VE3HBD Bryan from Toronto, Ontario (Net Control)
VE4UO Shaun from Toronto, Ontario (Net Control)
VA3AGF Adrian from Toronto, Ontaroi (Net Control)
VE3EGG Ed from Cambridge, Ontario
VA3GEX ??? from ???
VE1DRU Drew from Halifax, NA
N3TOY Jamie from Vegas
KD7LVX Steven from Vegas
N0VSJ Colin from Vegas
WA7VGM ?? rom ???
K7OOL Joe from Vegas
KD6SIN Paul from Vegas
VA3GS Geoff from Aurora, Ontario
Ab9JV Lenny from Illinois
W8GEW Greg from North Royalton, Ohio
K9JAC John from Hubertis, Wisconsin
W0ORC Barb from Hubertis, Wisconsin
K8MHZ Markfrom Muskegon, Michigan
KC0UUO Robert from Denver, Colorado
KE5CFH Michael from Loraine, Teaxs
KE4YYJ Elaine from North Carolina
VE3JES John from Peteroborough, Ontario
KC4ZYC Howard from Indialantic, Florida
VA3BU Dave from Brampton, Ontario
VE3CHJ Charles from Cambridge, Ontario
VE3SNI Eric from Oshawa, Ontario
K0LEY Nicole from Muskegon, Michigan
KC0NSC Tom from Aurora, Colorado
VA3AGF Adrian from Toronto, Ontario
KC0PCA Kent from Northglenn, Colorado
VA3HAX Jamie from Toronto, Ontario
K5MLK Matt from Crockett, Texas
VE5ARJ Arthur from Nipawin, Saskatchewan
VA6SZ – Andy from Spruce Grove, Alberta
VE3NSV – Terry from Somewhere in the Maritimes
KC8FRW – John from Burtchville Township, Michigan
K9MN – Paul from Columbus, Ohio
KC9CJY – Jared from Winnebago, Illinois
WA6BZS – Bill from San Fransisco, California

We didn’t as many checkins from our friends in Halifax this net, mainly due to the reasons laid out in the previous article…. we are sorry for this, and we hope to hear from our friends in Halifax again soon.

Until next time, take care and spread the word!

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3 Responses to Hamsexy Net sign-in roster

  1. ve7ltd says:

    Sorry to rain on your parade, but this is definately not the first fully digital EchoLink/IRLP bridge. The first one was *NV-GATE* and 9258, shortly followed by 9085/Northeast, and the hurricane net on 9219/*WX-TALK*.

    The software scripts to make it run are courtesy of Tony Langdon, VK3JED in Melbourne AU.

    Sounded like a fun filled net. I would have had Vancouver node 1000 linked in, but others wanted to listen to shuttle broadcasts instead.

    Dave Cameron – VE7LTD

  2. X says:

    Oops.. sorry.. I guess Bryan meant the only Echolink/IRLP bridge that MATTERS….!

  3. N0VSJ says:

    Not that it matters, but Marten Luther is spelled Martin Luther. And the guy bitching about the 3 people who didn’t want to listen because of the audio quality on echolink…what the heck is he squaking about? Sounded perfect too me other than the fact the Mac guy sounded like he was underwater. It just depends on how people setup their mics. They can sound worse over the radio.

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