No room for the Baconator….

John K1BOS (who would like you all to know that the car is NOT HIS) immediatley thought of Hamsexy when he saw this car at the Waltham Amateur Radio Association & Clay Center Amateur Radio Club Field Day 2010 even in Brookline, Massachusetts – and took some truly incredible photos.

Someone decided to take an old E-Class Mercedes and give it a hefty German slap in the face. Keep in mind that this car is on DISPLAY — it is at this Field Day Event because they want to show off the cool things that you can do with Ham Radio. Okay, so they filled a car with antennas and radios…. but holy shit, you’d think they would have enough sense to… oh, I dunno, tidy it up a bit? Pick up the trash? Maybe freshen the duct tape holding the radios onto the dashboard? This car is such an accurate protrayal of what Amateur Radio is these days… sloppy, unkempt, old, redundant, possibly smelly and really not caring about the image it portrays to the outside world.


View with the doors open, possibly to air it out.

The cockpit. The multimeter is a nice touch.

The rear working area. Pictured is Paul Bunyan’s HT, a whole lot of duct tape, a morse key and notepad suitable only for left handed people with a lubricated swivel for a midsection, and a whole lot of clutter.

The ass-end of this embarrassment on wheels. It’s unplated, which I guess is a consolation that nobody in their right mind actually has this deathtrap as their daily driver.

Detail of the driver’s seat. This is just a mess of cables, trash, duct tape, radios and sadness. I have no idea what’s taped to the centre of the steering wheel, but I’m sure it’s pointless.

As always, we welcome your submissions. It’s where we get most of our material from. Send it to [email protected], and if it’s a good submission like K1BOS’s, we’ll publish it. Stay Classy, Ham Radio….

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31 Responses to No room for the Baconator….

  1. Backfire Bob says:

    OUTSTANDING!!! just love the duct tape on the dash 🙂 also the “Mag-Mounts” on the trunklid.Bet they hold real well * IF * the car is driven.The “on-board” diagnosis equipment (The $7.00 multimeter from Harbor Freight) is a well thought out idea,looks like he went “All Out” on that and used double stick tape instead of Duct Tape (someone please cue the “Movin on up theme song” at this time)….

  2. Trumpet Pubes says:

    What a total tool the owner of this car is. How embarrassing. Any ham who operates an installation like this and is PROUD of it should have their license taken away as they clearly do not understand safety or represent the rest of us in a positive light.

  3. harbl says:

    Someone needs to start getting these people on Hoarders as a first step towards shaming them back into normalcy.

    Failing that, a burlap sack, some cinderblocks, and a lake should do the trick.

  4. admin says:

    harbl: A show dedicated to reforming hams and reintegrating them back into society…

    What a great idea!! We should co-produce 🙂

  5. harbl says:

    See, the more I think about this the more I think the basic idea of the show is sound, but more from the standpoint of warning people that this is what too much time with ham radio will do to you. With the ones it’s already too late for, we simply render them for lamp oil.

    Thinking about it, we could just do PSAs from Field Day. Show the reality of the hobby: a bunch of fat, sweaty old men sitting in trailers logging QSLs because in some way, this makes ham radio a vital public service.

    Yes, field day left me even more bitter and hostile towards what this hobby has turned into.

  6. n0loh says:

    No screws were used in this installation, which is fitting, because chances are, the driver has never screwed ANYTHING except Rosie Palm and her five sisters.

  7. mr. mike says:

    I thought the little red Colt was bad, but this is the ham radio version of the Ghostbuster’s hearse – all duct tape and transceivers. I guess this fool wants to be in Skywarn because he has a barometer or a compass taped to his steering wheel and a spare barometer (or is that an ammeter?) on the passenger side. And who the Hell wants to park and lean over to use a Vibroplex key? The whole thing is pure-D wrong.

  8. Hard Times says:

    The only thing this idiot forgot is an amber light bar and/or strobe lights to warn motorists of this traffic hazard.

  9. Brandon says:

    Is that a multimeter attached to the dash? Priceless!

  10. Marty McFly says:

    Frankly, I love this car almost as much as I love ‘Radioactive.’ Hopefully the owner assembled this thing as a tongue-in-cheek joke and not as a serious ‘REACT Chase Vehicle/Mobile Communications Center.’

  11. Greg says:

    This car made me feel sad.

  12. Oscar says:

    Why would anyone do this to a Mercedes? I guess he really, really hates Germans.

    And I hope the ARRL likes having their logos plastered on the car’s doors. Great advertising for them.

  13. Tom Collins the Angry Extra says:

    John/K1BOS really ought to take and post a few pictures of the “vehicles” at the Monthly Breakfast; his vehicle could even get “honorable mention” award. Ah those GEMOTO lads repeater jockeys extraordinaire. I will say, at least, I am glad the car was an early 90s model and not a ’05 Crown Victoria.

  14. Mad Ham Disease says:

    Problem is, that car is plastered with ARRL and ecomm-y logos. I know the League is pushing ecomm hard to make ham radio “relevant”, but the only relevant thing about this one and a half ton projectile of death is its unintentional feature on a NHTSA documentary about collision decapitation.

    Since this is my first post, I’m allowed one gripe. I don’t go above 30 MHz, so the only ecomm radio transceiver I have is the one with the Billy Idol ringtone. Sadly, ham whackers and OCD radio hoarder types like this case just reinforce an image of ham radio as an oddball loser hobby to the public. And yeah, it’s a hobby, even though some people take it so seriously that they’ll become incontinent if you remind them that hams are a relatively small part of emergency efforts.

  15. Tom Collins the Angry Extra says:

    Well said, Mad Ham Disease; like yourself, I seldom every go in the Technician Bands – CB radio! I also think Technicians who work 50 MHz because it is the “magic band” should just upgrade and get on HF where they can talk out of their state. ; )


  16. whacker hater says:

    Welp here is another example of the lame ass shit that the HAM community look lame. I have just one rig in my car it is a 2 meter rig that is it and it is not mounted on the fucking dash for the thives to go “look that is worth more than the tape player and easier to steal” I do emcomm but I dont just do that. I actually have other functions like being an EMT or something like that not just a whacker with 10 radios that wont work and 1000 dollars in worthless light bars.

  17. Tim says:

    Batman had his Batmobile, Green Hornet had the Black Beauty, Bo and Luke had their General Lee, David had his KITT on Knight Rider, The Monkees had their Monkee Mobile, Starsky and Hutch had their Gran Torino, Mike Fox had the DeLorean DMC-12 on Back To The Future, Dan Ankroyd had the Eckto-1 converted ambulance on the Ghostbusters film, Dan and Jim Belushi had the Dodge Monaco on The Bluesbrothers film, this car would have been perfectly at home on Steve Smith’s Red Green Show LOL Wonder what they would have called this one had it been featured on the show mmm

  18. harbl says:

    To answer the above question: ‘shitbox’.

  19. 5 WPM General and PROUD! says:

    Why would someone deface a fine German luxury car? Freaking idiots like this guy give ham radio a bad name. No wonder most people think hams are a sad joke. Its shit like this that causes people to laugh at us!

  20. BentOva Backwids says:

    I bet its that dweeb of a Vice prez of Walthams (146.64 and 449.075) that has been complaining about the free-for-all and the ” not so hamish” chatter on the UHF side that has a few of the users cowering to his scare tactic via email. This car seems to fit his profile.Whadah-dweeb.

    PS. If I see this car anywhere around the boston area, I’m going to take a big turd on it.


  21. w9jab says:

    hello is this thing on?

  22. I don’t know which group this car makes look the worst, the hams or the emmcomms. I have one radio in one of my cars. I use a HT in my truck IF I feel the need, and my wife’s car don’t have an antenna anywhere on it. If I was to ever do something like the above car I hope someone shoots me and puts me out of YOUR misery!

    Mr. Antisocial Guy
    The Original
    One Angry Man

  23. NO6L says:

    Most of the “anti-defacers” all butt-hurt about the decrepit old ‘Benze missed the point. He used duct tape and “mag-mount glorified CB antennas” so he would *not* deface and decrease the value of the car. That’s what amuses me. Yeah, sure. All the moron did was deface and devalue Amateur Radio. And yup, the buck-ninety eight DVM is just charming. Don’t they make under-dash/in-dash meters for that purpose? Oh, I get it. He didn’t have the spare $30 left after hording gobs of radio gear and packing, er, duct taping it into the car.

    Thanks a bunch there, Cupcake. By proving yourself a whacker you did the same favor for the rest of us. Screw you very much.

    As for me, I’ve got a life outside of Amateur Radio. And if I tried something like this with our pickup, my wife would simply tell me, “Uh, yeahhh… no. I’ll just call a taxi until you get this fixed”. And I would not blame her in the least. Of course, I can’t really be too upset with the clown that owns this death trap. He would not know what a wife is, or what one looked like, with or without clothing. Mommy and Radio hording is all he’s got.

    Have a nice day.

    /end of line

  24. w9jab says:

    will this site ever be updated?

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  26. mr. mike says:

    Please, more whackermobiles!

    Bring the Hamsexy back!

  27. w9jab says:

    how about a new post?

  28. kj4wna says:

    Yeah, how about a “Year in Hamsexiness” 2010 recap post or something?

  29. 5 WPM General and PROUD! says:

    This is what ham radio has degraded to. A bunch of losers with vehicles with antennas and radios everywere. I’ll bet the local police and EMTs get a belly laugh out of this goof! We hams are “supposed” to be professional. How are we supposed to be professional with shit like this???? In the real world outside of hammy ham land most normal people look at us hams like we are misfits and losers and the type of people they wouldnt want thier kids near! Most of the hams that ive met in public remind me of child molesters!
    In all, the sad state of ham radio today is overweight, sloppy, gross, smelly, wierd, angry, out of touch, unkept, and farrrrr from being professional!! I think its time for ham radio to be done away with for good. The frequencys then farmed off to legit purposes and the rest left to die….

  30. w9jab says:

    a new post would be nice maybe one every two or three weeks?

  31. SSSSqueeze says:

    Oh, wow. So my fella suggested I check out this site- he’s just returned home from an emergency responders meeting- and wow. I noticed there’s no room anywhere in this car for a passenger, especially not one of the female variety. Note to the fellas out there: if you want to get laid, make sure you leave room for a passenger. Even one you pay for needs a place to sit.

    As to this being a German “luxury” car, this is the cheapest one ever made, created precisely for the wanna-be rich guys. It would really have been more appropriate to trick out a classic ’73 Pinto with grounding straps, a tree of ham sticks & mag mount antennae. Dragging a spare gas can, of course, with an emergency generator mounted on the roof plus a light bar/roll bar. And rims. Really sweet spinner rims. How ’bout some of those way-classy green underbody lights too?

    And covered with bumper stickers which act as additional support for the weight of all that shit.

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