Just when you thought the ham badge was lame….

Okay, fine – I took the fucking post down.

After a tidal wave of whining emails regarding this, either from the guy who made those stupid ID cards, people whose photos may or may not have appeared on the ID cards, or people whose callsigns appear on the parody cards I made (the callsigns of which I just pulled out of my ass when making the cards, by the way) – I’ve just decided to take the fucking post down than continue to be embarrassed by your childish whining.

This whole stupid ordeal just goes to show why amateur radio will, thankfully, be dead in 15 years, when the old, cranky, overweight non-procreating men who current occupy space in this hobby will mercifully die. Then, the amateur bands can be turned over to something useful, like public safety, media, broadcasting, etc… anything but the old fart geeky whinefest that goes on these days.

Remember when Ham Radio was a vital service? When I was a kid I used to see the local amateur radio club at conventions and events, doing long distance relay messages for your friends or family, and I thought that was so cool… Extremely long distance, real time communication was something that didn’t exist for most people at that time, and it was a novelty.

Then, something terrible happened to ham radio: progress. Nowadays, with cell phones, long distance calls without the assistance of an operator and the internet have made communicating with people around the world commonplace and uninteresting. The rest of the world rocketed forward while Ham Radio stood still. There have been a few brave people who attempted to incorporate new technology into ham radio, but the ‘old guard’ resisted like someone was taking away their triple Baconator… WHAT? IRLP? THAT’S NOT HAM RADIO. WHAT? DIGITAL? THAT’S ENCRYPTION AND NOT ALLOWED. And don’t even get me started on those fucking idiots who claim that Ham Radio is a ‘vital public service’, and that it MMMMUUUSSSTTTT be maintained ‘when all else fails’…. Well, so far the only disasters that Ham Radio has been useful at have been those where self-important hams have crowbarred their way in. Hams are only good at calling in rain to Skywarn net control, fetching coffee for the REAL first responders (the ones that belong to licensed, government sanctioned organizations that actually have physical fitness requirements) or patrolling little kiddies on halloween. That’s it. And take the fucking lightbar off of your car, you fat loser … you are embarrassing us all.

Face it – Ham Radio will be all but gone in a lot shorter time than all of us realize. If you want to find out the culprit, it isn’t Echolink or BPL or Riley or even Barack Obama – it’s YOU, you smelly, fat, old piece of shit. YOU.

Ever since we launched Hamsexy over 200 years ago (okay, more like six years), we’ve had our share of detractors. Our lawyers have quite the collection of cease and desist letters, lawsuits, angry e-mails, death threats, and even people searching out the addresses of one of our co-founders, visiting him at home and and threatening bodily harm (thankfully our co-founder is a gun owner and was able to defuse the situation like a gentleman)… but, most of all, we’ve had a plethora of WHINERS. Big, fat, white, lazy whiners. Do you know what happens if you leave a cooked ham leg out in the sun? It starts WEEPING TEARS OF FAT.

So, because of the whiners, the post is gone. Poof. Gone…. and those who did whine (check out the comments thread to see two of them, mainly the callsign-less Chris and Colin AE7HF (I’m sure he’ll whine about me using his callsign on the main page, too… and maybe threaten to sue us)) – maybe I kindly suggest that you go fuck yourself with the correct end of a dull knife.


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65 Responses to Just when you thought the ham badge was lame….

  1. resqguy says:

    whats really unfortunate is the guy with the hamsexy id cards is advertising a trbo repeater! Act now the price goes up to $20!!!

  2. harbl says:

    This is awesome. As someone who is a volunteer with our local SAR team, I have been looking for something that would make it easy for me to tell who needs to be put down without having to actually engage in conversation with or risk the hygiene issues inherent with these fruitcakes.

  3. smokeybehr says:

    With a little skill and talent, an ID card with a real, functional barcode can be made. I’ll post a picture of my real gummint issued ID cards to the forum in the appropriate location.

  4. Greg says:

    ok how about this you can get a badge to go with your new “id” card. http://www.maxarmory.com/index.php?p=product&id=641&parent=3

  5. Eric (N4EMS) says:

    All I can say is wow. I can understand the idea of an ID card for an organized, recognized volunteer group but this, this is a bit much. Oh well, back to whackerizing the cars….

  6. Chris says:

    What a shame… Is this article really considered journalism…? The author of this article is blatently informing everyone who reads this that he has some sort of prejudice with HAM’s – even though he may be licensed – and is obviously going to show it through name calling, stereotyping and sarcasm. As with any people in any ‘cult’ – if you will, you will have your good and your bad. To say that HAMS consider themselves as more important than they really are is a slap in the faces of those who have the correct mindset. These folks are attempting to give back to the neighborhood they grew up in – and, in some cases are just trying to be helpful. At the very least they are not wasting time bad-mouthing writers of articles like this…

    To the topic, these ID cards do need to be revisited – as far as design is concerned. A bar-code you can’t use is a useless barcode and should be removed. ID’s should only be warn during public events for which the operator is working. This will help other volunteers – who will also have some form of ID – to recognize the radio operators they asked to have at the event from spectators. Anyone wearing an ID just to go to the store or brandishing one to Police for the purpose of getting somewhere they are not allowed should have it removed from their person.

    I apologize to the author of this article… As a HAM, I certainly don’t fit any of the ‘descriptions’ the author chose to use. I am aware that some within the hobby may fit one or more of the categories the author uses. However, at least I offered an optional solution in the redesign of the ID badge. Can the author say the same?

  7. admin says:


    Duh. Welcome to Hamsexy, moron.

  8. Chris says:


    Thank you for your kind words and clarification of where I was writing. What would the world do without another sarcastic, inconsiderate and unbecoming writer – licensed to communicate, above all! You’re right… I am a moron.


  9. Colin says:

    You should at least use the real name of the Callsigns you are bootlegging. At least let the real people know and get their permission to use their call on your ignorant posts. I follow hamsexy.com, some stuff is funny, I agree a lot of “hams” push the line. This is just in poor taste using real calls like that and putting things like that without their knowledge.
    Not right..


  10. resqguy says:

    FYI for those looking for a non-sarcastic response: If you are legitimately working an event that requires ID be displayed, one should be provided for you. An ID you make yourself serves no purpose other than to show off as there is no host agency to verify the data contained therein.

  11. admin says:


    Send me your address…. a box of crybaby tissues will be on their way for your whiny ass.

  12. PappaD says:

    Awesome blog – you just gained a repeat visitor.

  13. Colin says:

    You have my address, I’m a licensed fcc radio operator. It’s public information. Something you should have checked before using real callsigns. lol.. wasn’t me that emailed you. I guess you show your true colors., by the way, I’m not over weight, out of shape or whatever else. In fact I bench 285lbs 8 times and run all the time. I generally followed your sight, but now I’m not sure if I want to hang with idiots. Sometimes the anti hams are worse than the wackers.
    What is your Call by the way? Or did you do something stupid and the government pulled your license? whatever.. not worth my time.

    lol, 73’s

  14. Christine says:


    I do understand that every person has the right to express their views and opinions. However, I think that your blog, particularly the unappropriate words and descriiptions you used to describe other people is uncalled for. At least be professional with your writing and give other people some respect.

    I have nothing against you, I just want to express how I feel about your way of writing for it is really disrespectful. By the way, I am Colin’s (AE7HF) wife.


  15. Chris says:

    Right on. I have been a ham since 1986, as well as a Paramedic for 10 years and think that ham radio has been going down hill since. Why can’t people take it for what it is…… A HOBBIE!! It is not the end all be all for emergency use. If you want to be part the action then get a education and job in public safety.

  16. admin says:

    Colin’s Wife:

    We here at Hamsexy don’t write to get respect, we don’t write to be ‘professional’ and we certainly don’t write to win friends and influence people. We haven’t survived for six years and gained thousands of fans (and enemies) because we are seeking approval from people.

    And we certainly don’t send our wives in to defend our husbands.

    There are two types of visitors to our site: those who get the joke and those who don’t…. and we don’t have time to explain the joke to those who don’t get it. So, like we’ve told countless others – if you don’t like what we say here, turn the dial up or down a few megahertz until you find something you do like…. and if you decide to toss your two cents in and we disagree with you, you’re most likely going to be fucked with. That’s just how it works.

    Myself, and all of the contributors, editors and hangers-on who keep this site on the air are fully qualified hams with licenses in good standing, who all follow the rules of our respective countries.

  17. Colin says:

    I didn’t tell her anything, she found it on her own idiot.. I don’t need to send anyone to defend me. I know what I am and what I’m not… I’ve formed my own opinions on what you are though. She’s a amateur radio license holder too, she follows the same sites I do. lol
    I’m still waiting for my wipes, did you send yet?

  18. Christine says:

    Okay then. Like I said, I was just expresssing how I felt about the article.
    And to clear things up, my husband did not sent me here to defend him..
    It was my personal choice.

    Anyway, thanks and goodluck on your website. 73.

  19. admin's wife says:


    Don’t feel bad, I know you feel when someone disrespects my man.


    admin’s wife

  20. admin's nine year old daughter says:

    Hey you guys! Leave my dad alone!

  21. Colin says:

    2 things, if that’s true you really are the “admin”‘s 9 year old daughter.

    1. A father should not be writing posts in that nature that his 9 year old daughter can read, with the foul language, rude comments, and poor taste in jokes.

    2. Is the admin that BAD that his 9 year old daughter has to come in and defend her daddy???

    I don’t feel so bad about my wife commenting on her own now.

    I’m sure there are some CB radios left at the store, that seems a better fit for you. Not hamradio.

    good luck Daddy.

  22. admin says:

    Oh wow, you just aren’t that swift, are you Colin?

    At least I know the caliber of intellect I’m dealing with here.

    Might wanna get back on the repeater there, bro… there might be someone asking for a radio check.

  23. admin's german shepherd says:

    Woof! Woof! If Colin believes that’s your daughter, maybe he’ll take my advice too!

    Leave my master alone! Woof!

  24. admin's goldfish says:

    bubble… bubble…. give me some dried shrimp meal flakes now, lest I starve.

  25. chicago says:

    most excellent comments regarding the upcoming demise of ham radio. you say 15 yrs? shit, be glad if it lasts more than 8, 10 the most. the same can be said for the scanner wackers. with the rapid advances in encryption and digital technology, these losers will be limited to listening to local dog catchers and fast food drive thru’s

  26. n0loh says:

    What’s really scary about these fake ID badges you order over the internet is one might actually get you in where you’re not allowed. When I worked for KWCC radio in Muscatine, Iowa we covered the county fair in 2005. Trace Adkins was performing. Me and another announcer wanted to go backstage, but we couldn’t get backstage passes as it was only for his “registered fanclub” members. We got backstage though. Get this: the security guard asked us for our backstage passes and we flashed him a couple of bumper stickers! So, I guess you could order a fake ID badge off the internet or save yourself some money and get a free bumper sticker from your local radio station.

  27. RTFM says:

    Hilarious, put the post back up (your Goldfish told my KOI’s to tell you that).
    What’s wrong with poking fun at ourselves?


  28. Backfire Bob says:

    Enough of the petty fighting. Lets see more of the Wacker-mobiles,official Propeller-heads at Hamfests. What happened to the geeks with a car battery strapped to a backpack and a 10 watt mobile hanging from a bungiecord around their neck? We need more of the “Mobiles” with the 45 antennas driven by a 450 pound “Hamster” that hasnt seen a shower or shaver in 10 days.We sure miss the REACT units with the “UNIT-57” in 5 inch high gold and black stickons from home depot across the tailgate (like they really have 57 units in the city)…back to the fun and games pictures….

  29. admin says:

    Backfire Bob:

    Yeah, you’re right. Enough of geeks like Colin who can’t an argument without needing his wife to step in…. there’s a great car coming up here in a few mins that I just got emailed to me.

    Enjoy!! And thanks for the reality check.

  30. Chris Crocker says:


    (The only way Colin’s benching 285 is if he benched the bar 30 times and added it all up.)

    Typical ham: making up shit about how they’re this, and they’re that, and will never verify it.
    I can’t wait for these old fucks to die off; they’re an embarrassment.

  31. Colin says:

    whatever.. I do lift that much.. video is on facebook even. doesn’t matter

  32. Sorgum says:

    Poop. I missed it again!

  33. Tizzy says:

    Put the post back up! It was one of your greatest! Screw the complainers!

  34. Xenophon says:

    If it doesn’t matter to Colin, why is he trying so hard to convince us? And why does he keep coming back for more?

  35. Keith says:

    I am sick up to my ears with this e-com bullshit. The whole planet is interconnected to the point that if someone farts in China, people in darkest Africa hear about it before the smell fades.
    I pose this question to all the e-com guys, at what point does the EMA / DHS director look at his people and say “Gee guys I think we are really screwed, better go find some ham operators so we can communicate.

    I know that the local ARES groups are doing some things to provide assistance for different events such as bike tours and sporting events. Personally I think that’s great and it puts ham radio out with the general public and puts a face with it. In the cases that there are injuries at these events, the service they provide is invaluable and does at times “save lives” but the idea that ham radio is the last line of communication when nothing else can is over. If things break down to the point that ham radio is the only means of communication, the licensed operator part will be meaningless. Who ever has the radio will be the guy communicating will be the only factor because at that point, the FCC and government in general will not be in control of the country anyhow.

    As far as ham “go kits” here’s how that works. I will GO get my gun, I will tell people showing up at my house to GO away at the point of it. And I will not GO where the problem is, because my ham license affords me the ability to talk on the ham radio. I am not a police man, a fireman, or any other sort of public safety professional, and neither 99% of the rest of the ham operators, contrary to what they might think. And for those that are public safety. I promise you this, you will NOT hear them on the ham bands during an emergency, they will be busy dealing with the situation at hand. Talking to the EMA, DHS and other local and state public safety agencies on commercial radios on public safety bands, not the ham band.

  36. Keith says:


    285 huh??? really??? 8 times even? All I can say is WOW!!! Wow, I can’t believe you would even bother to post that. Hell man, I weigh 285 (296 actually) and do 30 push ups and sit ups a day, and I’m fat and out of shape.

    So I am at a real failure to see the point you are trying to make by telling us of your massive weight lifting accomplishments.

    Sorry, but I ain’t impressed.

    BTW I’m also 38 which makes me old and out of shape, but I guess I am still stronger.

  37. Marty McFly says:

    In all reality, benching 285 is impressive in the ham radio community, but nothing to brag about in the real world. Get back to us when you break 400 and we will be impressed. And why do you have so much free time that you can both film yourself doing bench presses and then post those videos on YouTube?

  38. admin says:

    I think most hams lift 285 every time they lift a leg…. Most hams lift 482 just by getting out of bed in the morning.

  39. admin says:

    And besides, Colin is your typical nervous, irrational, insecure ham…. right away he has to prove he’s better than any of us by announcing how much he can bench press.

    I guess we’d better not make fun of him! He’s STRONG!!

    And while he’s being Mister Macho Man, he ends up having his wife log on and defend him.

    You didn’t see it because the spam filter ended up munching on it, but it looks like he’s more than a little angry at all of the people goofing on him because he attempted to post my personal information on the thread, and decided to act like a typical ham by attempting to goofing on me because of my licence status, because I’m not as ADVANCED as he is, license-wise.

    So… we have the evidence that Colin Siever, AE7HF, is a paranoid, immature, childish, insecure hammie:

    a) He uses how much he can benchpress as a first line defense, and to prove how much better he is than all of you
    2) He relies on his wife to fight his battles for him (and she’s pretty cute, actually.. Filipina, maybe? It’s hard to tell. Ay isang magandang babae!)
    iii) He thinks that the measure of a man, or a ham, is in what kind of license class one holds
    d) He attempts to get the upper hand in a losing battle by posting personal information in a (failed) attempt to embarrass me.
    7) He still probably thinks it was my fish who logged on to Hamsexy and left a comment in this thread

    Tsk tsk tsk… We see hams like Colin all the time, and each one of them are the same. Over the years we get outraged hams who try to insult, defame or humiliate us into submission, and each time they run home with their tail between their legs. Just a word of advice… we aren’t exactly newbies at weathering the wrath of obnoxious hams, in fact it’s what the four of us get off on!!

    So by all means, keep trying to tear us down, Colin… but for the sake of your dignity and self respect, just leave now and forget that you found this site. Trust us. You’re our better. You can bench press and you know how to look up callsigns… you win. Take your plushie and leave the midway.

  40. admin's goldfish says:

    Bubble bubble

  41. Admin's goldfish's third-cousin's roomate's sea bass says:

    I missed out on the original article before Admin pulled it… THANK GOODNESS FOR GOOGLE CACHE!!! Hilarious!!! I even saw a guy from my home town on that website… what a bunch-a-whack-tards!

    ps, thanks for the rss feed feature there Admins, hopefully now I wont miss any more funny assed shite as this!


  42. admin says:

    Mr. Sea Bass:

    Yeah, we figured some tech-savvy readers would know how to cache back to find the post … but the idiots who bitch at us are usually too dim to be able to figure that out.

  43. Marty McFly says:

    I’ve got to imagine that Colin’s feelings have been thoroughly hurt. Maybe we should lay off him let him get back to the gym.

  44. Confused dude says:

    Put the article back. Don’t give in to these pussies.
    I got sucked into thinking ham radio was a public service, but I’ve seen the light. A cell phone is far superior. I only use ham stuff to talk to friends when out exploring the remote areas by 4×4.
    Hey old guys- You are not an important part of public safety. You get in the way. You embarrass anyone with a radio by acting all important. It’s nice that you want to help, but if you are old and/or fat, there’s not really much you can do. Go sit at the Red Cross table or something like that. Take the vest off, take the fake ID’s off, go away. Especially that one whacker I saw with a fawking handgun strapped in a tacticool rig and a CERT vest. The dude was so old, I could have taken him out with a good fart and taken his cool gun.
    Anyway, don’t give in to the whiners.

  45. colinwannabe says:

    This is awesome.

    I got into HAM radio because I thought it would be cool and technically interesting. Little did I know I was introducing myself to legions of bitter, corpulent, white guys on 2 meters who only wanted to enforce net rules (when there was no net) or just be assholes.

    This hobby enjoyed a heyday I’m sure. It’s just now now. When my license expires, you can keep it.

    As far as Colin the bench-press guy goes, it doesn’t get more lame. Believe it or not Colin, some folks are not impressed…

    And I say put the article back.

  46. the EOC says:


    since we have their attention, I’d like to bring up two points:

    1 – stop calling and asking why we don’t answer mutual aid or any of your freqencies. We turned that shit off and removed the knob YEARS ago.

    2 – A/C is limited here in the center. Please take a bath prior, or at least avail yourselves of the multimillion dollar decon suite outside (sorry, I know you felt special because we usually trick you into going in there by saying you are awesome, and we NEED you to be our role players, and would you take all your radio equipment in there as well)

    Thanks. Sorry to be an ass, but we are trying to work in here and the smell of poop, sweat, and failure is overpowering at times.

    EOC staff

  47. Tom Collins the Angry Extra says:

    Great website and I’d say you’re pretty much dead-on with the physical attributes of the typical ham and the whacker mentality. Like the know-it-all Repeater Jockeys, this hobby (which is supposed to make one happy and content) really is saddening.

    You ought to see some of the whackers, wannabees, and lard asses in GEMOTO (Maybe John/K1BOS can take a picture of them at Boxboro or submit a picture of his own “ride”).

    If I have a Jedi and a short haircut, people will think I’m a cop… right? Right?!

  48. whacker hater says:

    Let me say this. I saw that ID Badge shit website via a banner from eham or something. I took one look and said “Jesus fucking christ a goddamn lame ass whacker site” Ok ok the guys that have the “optimal flash pattern” are funny enough but this assholes site actually PROMOTES ASSWIPES for a fee!! Ham radio does have a place in e-com BUT ONLY IF YOU ARE TRAINED TO DO SOMETHING OTHER THAN HAVING A ROOF FULL OF FUCKING BLINDING STROBES!!!! I am in MARS and my group actually do work with a facility but it is MARS not ARES and also we HAVE TO HAVE REAL TRAINING and ACTUAL EXCERCISES and do MORE THAN PUSH A TALK BUTTON!!!! You got your FCC license congrats good for you go talk on a fucking repeater. but if you want to do emergency shit then train and earn it dipshits. Colin U R a FUCKING JOKE with those ID cards I hope some shit head whacker gets one and uses it at a accident scene or something and when some poor unknowing person gets hurt from that whacker and sues him I HOPE U GET SUED too for making that fucking ID card. As far as the wife thing can U sen me some nude pics of her via SSTV on 14.230 anytime that would be ham related!!!

  49. whacker hater says:

    Can GIECO save you up to 15% on car insurance?……Is Collin a lame ass whacker?

  50. 10-95 says:

    Too Bad Carl Malden passed away, he could do the
    commercial for ham id’s.

    “Don’t leave home without it!”

    Funny stuff!

  51. 5 WPM General and PROUD! says:

    Ham radio is a fucking hobby people! Its not life and death although some think it is. Too many hams take themselves and this hobby WAYYYYYYYY to seriously! Heck i poke fun at hams all the time and I AM a ham! LOL.

  52. 5 WPM General and PROUD! says:

    Ham radio has become archaic and redundant and the only purpose it serves now is to be an ego inflator for some losers that think they need an ego uplifter. Im a ham and i find most hams very embarassing to the rest of us that do enjoy the hobby. Lighbars on cars, gross hams that never bathe, and shitty atitudes towards newbies are all things that are detrimental to the hobby. At one time, ham radio was something to get exited over but not anymore. Now all it has become is a pissing contest for losers that need to get out more.

  53. 5 WPM General and PROUD! says:

    However, I will defend Colin on TWO matters and thats IT! Yes, hes a goof but IF he claims to be able to lift 280 lbs that means he is in GOOD SHAPE! Thats rare amongst most hams who are grossly overweight and out of shape. #2 He has a smokin sweet looking wife! At least he has a wife and thats very rare among most hams since most hams couldnt get pussy if they paid for it!!!!! The only pussy most hams will ever get is rosy and her 5 sisters.

  54. David K9DK says:

    People need to get over there selves. I’ve been involved in emergency services for 27 years and we rarely use ham if at all. Step back and have fun.

  55. Concerned says:

    This post and comments.. Admin, if Colin did get his wife, I’m not saying he did or didn’t, you coming back with wife, 9 year old daughter, gold fish, dog, sea bass.. that is HORRIABLE! You are the worst person I know! Making fun of an inocent person is just wrong! Yeah there is fredom of speech but there are LIMITS! Coming up with the stuff with NO evidence, that is an all time low. You say no, I’m not horriable, you are horriable.. well that is low.

  56. Howard J. Turkster says:

    Man… That Colin guy has the Miami Vice look.. and he has a bald head and bench 285… He’s just one big hunk of a HAM radio operator alpha male.

    I wonder if he and his wife do it doggie style?

  57. John says:

    The posts on this site used to be mature, informative, and entertaining. Now they just restate the obvious about modern day hams and make pitiful unnecessary insults. I miss VE3HBD. At least he could see when something was getting out of hand and stop it before it made the site’s mods look like jackasses.


  58. 5 WPM General and PROUD! says:

    Ham radio is a joke anymore. We are EXPECTED to be professional. How can you be professional when you are like 500 lbs, smell like a hog farm, never bathe and wear the same clothes day in and day out? Ham these days only care about looking like a slob and acting like a mental retard.

  59. bored says:

    Even though this thread is a few months old, im kind of shocked after reading all of the comments left above. Im 26, had my license for about a year now. Since the age of 15 I have been active with my local fire department, and within the last year started assisting with storm spotting and other areas which involve amateur radio. What I am confused about though is the general descriptions that people are saying about ham radio operators. In the last year I have not met anyone who fits the descriptions listed above. All the guys I have met and work with appear to be in good health, good hygene, and more or less are pretty cool to hang around with. I kind of think its funny when people say all hams are fat only because Im a skinny ass white guy.

    One more thing, I have learned in my time as an emergency responer, during a disaster or emergency, ham radio may actually be a a viable means of communications. If a tornado tears through a small community which disrupts power and public saftey equipement, I could see where in the first 24 hours or so that ham radio could be a valuable asset while public saftey communication channels are being brought back online. Since the first 24 – 48 hours are the most critical with any disaster, amateur radio should be looked at as a plausable means of effective communications when other systems are offline.

  60. Jimmy Not Really says:

    Keep drinking the kool-aid, kid.

    Welcome to a dying hobby.

  61. wow says:

    Bored – You’re an “emergency responder” ??

    That means you are a firefighter, paramedic, emt?

  62. powernumpty says:

    I played around with CB for while enjoying the fixing of kit and learning about the whole radio thing, non serious educational, even helped a few people out relaying messages and calling emergency services back when mobiles were no truly everywhere.
    Then I got some sarcastic comments from a local ham who asked why I was reading a ham magazine as that was for “Licensed Amateur Operators” (?!)
    I borrowed an out of date licence training book, a Morse tutor (hardware) and did my full ticket. Next time he came in to where I was working he was effusive in his congratulations (he was a UK -B ticket) and
    I said “cheers it’s not that difficult is it” His expression was priceless.
    That was the first moment I enjoyed in my ham radio experience.

    It’s just radio guys, see it for what it is, play nicely try not to interfere with others but don’t think getting a Ham licence turns you into a “defender of the whatever”

    Maybe there is a business opportunity for a mobile laundry to go to ham rallies, I know in the UK I have had to leave some marques until the sun drops or the wind picks up.

    • Emily Taylor says:

      exactly these people need to just fuck of and get over themselves. SO much unwarranted self importance. Keep the shit to yourself and go play with your radio, you are not a god.

  63. Nonya says:

    You poor pathetic person! You obviously have been slighted somehow. Please seek some help before you kill yourself!!!

  64. Emily Taylor says:

    I like talking on and using the radio for fun and experimenting and all sorts of good fun stuff for myself. I love the radios but I hate the fucking loser people that make up most of the userbase. Pretentious, childish, naive, mentally unstable, and just stupid assholes. HAM Radio already is pretty much dead, and so are most of the people who used it. Such a joke how they crap on everyone else and go on bipolar rants and think they’re more advanced than everyone else. That thing you wrote about people complaining about things like IRLP or digital not being ham radio are especially annoying dumb fucks.

    Pirate radio first got me into radio and learning about how electronics and radio waves works and looks like I’ll still be sticking to that, contrary to most hambones a piece of license paper with some letters and numbers stuck on your fridge doesn’t provide any knowledge and it’s a idiot test. I learned more just doing my own thing than listening to fat assholes at the local ham club circle jerk about being important emergency people. Even more contrary to the shills the FCC doesn’t care and hardly ever does do shit if you just simply transmit on HAM. I don’t and won’t get license and still have lots of Open radios I use transmitting on the all the ham bone bands and so do all my friends and the HAMs can’t do shit. Digital, encrypted, data, analogue and everything.

    Hopefully the bands will eventually get repurposed like you said would like them for broadcasting like HD-SDI camera feeds, alleviating business band crowding, and some more unlicensed bands too for the tourists bubble pack radios and CBs, consumer devices, and wireless mics and video transmitters. Lot’s of more fun useful things.

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