ARES underwear

Reader Steve submitted this new fashion statement that’s sure to be hitting all of the hamfests this year.

Hopefully they come in big and tall sizes for the average ham.

I don’t know if Steve made this up or not, but it’s pure genius:

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7 Responses to ARES underwear

  1. nate says:

    They just need to add Blinking LEDs to them now like Whacker lights, then they would really sell like crazy to the ARES people.

  2. Eric (N4EMS) says:

    Oh I got’s to get me some of those….that is indeed one hamsexy pair of undies. Do they come in a bikini, thong or g-string model? O_o

  3. admin says:


    We have been selling a hamsexy thong for quite some time: classic_thong,11092694

  4. n0loh says:

    They won’t sell. You need to make them disposable, like Depends.

  5. Oscar says:

    Oh, they’ll sell. And you’ll see the whackers wearing them outside their jeans, like some corpulant superhero.

  6. 5 WPM General and PROUD! says:

    Nope the thong is a bad idea. Hams shun anything cool or trendy.

  7. KK2DOG says:

    Please tell me that the skivvies are laid-out on carpet,
    and that I’m NOT seeing some guys thighs!

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