Clearing out the mailbag

Hi all – we’ve been a little slow in clearing out the Hamsesy mail sack, and we apologize for everyone who submitted stuff and haven’t seen it on the site yet. Here are some photo submissions that we’ve gotten recently…. enjoy!

Our first submission comes from our brother in the craft Chuck Bravo up there in Canada, who writes:

Just had to get these to you. I did a U turn and followed this guy to get these. He was kind enough to park in the expectant mothers parking, so I got some nice shots.

Our next set of images comes via Pat in New Jersey:

This guy parks near me at work. I haven’t talked with him but a friend of mine that sits in the same office as him says that the guy works part time at Radio Shack. He’s got everything in there! I’ll try to get a picture of the backseat, it too is full of electronic stuff.

Two things jump out at me in this shot…… the audio mixer and the SOOTHING SOUNDS generator. An audio mixer in the car is a little strange (unless you’re Funkmaster Flex), but the soothing sounds generator is totally gay.

If you’ve got photos you want us to feature on the site, please send them to us. We promise to get them on the site within this century (maybe)

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5 Responses to Clearing out the mailbag

  1. ve3sxy says:

    Anyone else seen the “CAUTION” van in St. Catharines too?

  2. Hammy says:

    I love the Funkmaster Flex comment, but I think he tried to pimp his ride but he unfortunately failed miserably.

    On another note, I would hate to be his alternator it’s doing double time with all those gadgets in there.

  3. cyclops111670 says:

    Doesn’t the shield on that first car say “Bar & Grill”??

    Maybe their doing a “Blues Brothers” knockoff…

  4. wx8sky says:

    Anyone notice the white stains on the steering wheel?

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