New Check-in Procedures for the Hamsexy Net

I’ve been concerned as of late in the way we run the initial check-in run for the net. With an average of 30+ users checking in every week (and potentially a lot more once we go live with the new Echolink bridge), a new, cleaner way of checking into the net is needed. Letting everyone pile on top of each other is fine for your local group net, but we’ve got a lot of people checking in using two different internet-based VoIP systems with different levels of latency (anywhere from half of a second to 2 seconds). A new system is needed.

I was chatting with Justin VE3UDP today, tossing out an internet-based “eCheckin” idea when he suggested perhaps doing the check-ins by zone. It’s a simple, clean method that will allow everyone an equal chance to check into the net. Great idea, Justin!!

So…. here is the new check-in procedure for this wednesday’s (and future) Hamsexy nets:

We will be accepting initial check-ins by zone. Please don’t check in until we ask for checkins from your area.

Here are the zones:

CANADA WEST (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Yukon, Northwest Territories)
CANADA CENTRAL (Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Nunavut)
CANADA EAST (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, Newfoundland)
USA PACIFIC COAST (Washington, Oregon, California)
USA WEST (Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico)
USA CENTRAL (The Dakotas, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Olkahoma, Texas)
USA MIDWEST (Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio)
USA BIBLE BELT (Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama)
USA EAST COAST NORTHERN (New York, Maine, Rhode Isand, Massatwoshits, Vermont, New Hampshire, New Jersey)
USA EAST COAST CENTRAL (Pennsylvania, The Virginias, Delaware, Maryland, DC)
USA EAST COAST SOUTH (The Carolinas, Georgia, Florida)
USA FREAK STATES (Hawaii, Alaska)
REST OF THE WORLD (rest of the world)

That’s just off of the top of my head. If I missed your state, please let me know.

Please refer to this list when I ask for checkins by zone this wednesday….. and remember to go phonetically with your callsign…

See you on the net!!

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11 Responses to New Check-in Procedures for the Hamsexy Net

  1. richard says:

    So what happens if someone turns on the radio late and misses their check-in window? Do you check-in with “the rest of the world”, or do you go around the zones more than once?

  2. gibbonboy says:

    The only thing I noticed is that no one read off the checkins from each round. This makes sure that you don’t miss anyone if people double. Then you can brush up the callsigns and locations if you didn’t get all of them the first time. Doesn’t take too long. I use N3FJP’s net software, once you’ve checked someone in, it remembers them from net to net. Plus it lists the preamble, etc for you to read or refer to. Nifty, super-hamsexy stuff.

  3. VE3HBD says:

    Richard: The zone-system would only apply on the first round of checkins…. The late check-in calls would be the old style – asking for people to check in normally (since we don’t get the big pileup we get at the outset). After the one check, I’ll make sure to see if there are any stragglers. Don’t question the system…. the system is perfect….

    Gibbonboy: I use a mac, so I can’t use cool software like that. If anyone known of any mac-based net contorl software, let me know!

  4. richard says:

    “Don’t question the system…. the system is perfect…”

    /rolls eyes

    It was a legitimate question.

  5. va3igd says:

    my comments are
    1. that it appears you have the midwest and the central reversed, but who am I to question your hamsexiness?
    2. massatwoshits appears to be spelt wrong and perhaps may offend some americans, we really don’t need Mr. Bush to bomb two shits outta Canadia.
    3. are you really, seriously getting that many checkins?
    Don’t amateur radio people realize it’s only a hobby?
    end of comments.

  6. VE3HBD says:

    Good Lord guys.. it’s just a check-in procedure! There’s no reason for everyone to pick it apart!! Are hams that quick to want to peel everyting apart they come to?! I mean… who cares?

    And yes….. our average check-in numbers are *30* per week.. with the Echolink, we’re expecting 10-15 extra per week (based on the number of people who were asking for the Echolink bridge who either have never checked into the net, and/or expressed an interest in checking in and don’t have access to IRLP). As it is, our check-in procedures are insane, with people doubling, talking over eachother etc. even some people getting missed altogether. last week alone we had four stations that couldn’t check-in until the very end.

    With 40-45 people expected to check in this wednesday (at the minimum), and with the current situation rather hectic, I took it upon myself to create a system that will make things not only easier for me to gauge who’s checking into the net, but also to the user trying to get onto the net.

    This isn’t your local ARES or ham club net… it’s a world-wide, VoIP-based, latency-plagued, popular and busy net. All we’re trying to do is make it better for you guys – that’s all.

    And I stand by my spelling of Massatwoshits.

    And about the midwest: you’re wrong.

  7. ve7ltd says:

    I take offence to the “latency-plauged” comment… IRLP has less latency than most digital delay modules on repeaters, and about the same as a digital cell phone 🙂 Echolink by default has the 2 second buffer…. 😉

    Its not my fault that your net is so popular that many millions try to check in at once, and only the first gets through.

    Dave Cameron

  8. Administrator says:

    Okay, perhaps “latency plagued” is the wrong word…. how about “latency inherant”, since you’re always going to get SOME delay when you’re converting analog to digital, and dealing with anything transmitted over the internet.

    And,to be PRECISE, I was referring to the differences when dealing with a situation where IRLP, Echolink and RF all collide into one.

    And no one accused you…. sheesh! I’m about to just say “fuck it” and just go back to letting everyone try to check in at once..!! I never realized that trying to make things easier for everyone would cause this much contention!!

  9. grinthock says:

    Well if you want to calculate the latency there is a process…

    Coder Delay
    Packetization delay
    serialization delay
    Queueing Delay
    Propagation Delay

    All at various steps of the progress.

  10. Mike says:

    you forgot Connecticut! (we are that little insignificant overtaxed state that’s stuck between NY, MA and RI !!)

    73 all !
    Mike KM1R

  11. kc0swg says:

    Your new check in procedures make sense…

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