Ham-who-is-a-broad arrested for interfering with police broadcasts

levy-irene-marie-299x400.jpgHere’s a story about a rare thing: a chick who’s into ham…. and apparently she’s an asshole, too. Irene Levy KJ6CEY is in a little bit of trouble, it would seem. She’s quite the looker too… CQ sweetpea…

This story has everything — threats, multitudes of radio equipment, seven scanners, a mobile home, bomb threats and a good dose of the kind of common sense amateur radio operators are known for. She also hasn’t even licensed for a year, according to FCC records (found here), she’s got a tech license. It appears her husband is a ham too, and has been licensed a little longer.

Click here for the link to the story (credit: Southwest Riverside News Network)

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2 Responses to Ham-who-is-a-broad arrested for interfering with police broadcasts

  1. Tom Collins the Angry Extra says:

    Now there’s a looker.

  2. 5 WPM General and PROUD! says:

    Wow shes a cutie! Thats rare as hens teeth in ham radio!

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