Hamsexy friend Tim sent us these photos, and man oh man… they are some of the best photos that have come into our inbox in some time.

They were originally posted on RadioReference, in that classic vault of Hamsexyness, the Pictures of your Mobile Shack thread.

Not only is this the most inelegant setup we’ve seen, it’s quite possibly the most dangerous.



Watch the running commentary here:

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1 Response to Brickmobile

  1. n0loh says:

    Sing along with the Commodores! (Brick House)

    I got a brick, in my mouth!
    It hurts me, hurts me!
    Won’t someone pull it out?
    Ow, I got a brick, in my mouth!
    Now I know,
    When mobile I go,
    It’s better to drill and mount!

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