W0AJA AKA N3PHP Strikes again!

It appears our whacker friend AJ Ayers W0AJA now known as   N3PHP

likes to scare & endanger the public.

He posted about that he will spread a fake tornado warning on Facebook with the end result of it being a tornado drill.  This of course caused great chaos even him being on the news again.  He hosts a page called “Butler County PA 911 Notifications” on Facebook which apparently commonly is confused with the *REAL* Butler County Emergency Services on Facebook.   Posting fake tornado alerts SERIOUSLY endangers the public and wastes resources from all public safety agencies.

Here is what he posted on Facebook:

“This will be a simulated social media emergency drill. We want to see how well our user reach is, how fast it can be shared and where we failed. We want EVERYONE to share it, as if it was an actual tornado touchdown,”

According to news stories the county emergency services coordinators are quite angry with AJ.

There was a huge thread on radio reference about AJ’s latest hijinks here:


Unfortunately it has been locked.

Links to the news stories are below:



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4 Responses to W0AJA AKA N3PHP Strikes again!

  1. W3ZR says:

    From a similar website being questioned…

    Across Butler County Pennsylvania

    I have been contacted by many people asking if my page was the one on the news about the “Tornado Warning Test” I want to make this very clear—My page had NOTHING to do with it! I have no affiliation with the page of “Butler County PA 911 Notification”.

  2. CD says:

    AJ is now N3PHP — changed his identity soon after the incident occurred

  3. CD says:

    QRZ link is broken. Curiously, link below goes to his page — “managed by W0AJA” even though FCC database shows W0AJA as cancelled


  4. Zed Whackerblaster says:

    I also called him out on Eham or somesuch. No replies 🙁

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