Hamvention change of venue

A long long overdue change of venue is finally happening for Hamvention 2017.

On Friday July 29th 2016, Hara Arena officially notified local media/customers that they are closing down for good.

No new site has been announced and DARA has assured on their website that they have a new venue that will be announced shortly.

News links:
Venue Announcement:

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One Response to Hamvention change of venue

  1. wa3ymh says:

    I’ve attended the Dayton Hamvention probably 4 or 5 times over the last 20 years or so, and it seems that the decision to move was taken out of the hands of the Hamvention organizers, so improvement in the quality of the venue seems unavoidable.

    While I will miss the possibility of another Shit Volcano, maybe I’ll try going again. Still the ambiance created from the crappy HVAC, the sad, sad ceiling tiles and the general level of suck will.. be a great thing to never experience again.

    Why they didn’t bail out on that shithole years ago is beyond me. I’d be happy to pay more for better amenities, better food and just better in general.

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