WhackerSexy: Virginia Police Impersonators

The state of Virginia has had two police impersonators since the beginning of the year:

First: http://www.wusa9.com/story/news/local/prince-william-county/2015/01/30/man-posing-as-police-officer-pulls-over-cop/22591915/

Second: http://www.wusa9.com/story/news/local/virginia/2015/02/04/va-man-charged/22904241/

One has to wonder whats going thru those idiots heads.  The first one even pulled over a real police officer.  Hopefully both of them get nice long jail sentences.  Also note the creepy grin on the second ones face.  It looks like he’s excited to have gotten caught.

There’s a thread in the Hamsexy forums regarding the second one located here


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W0AJA is at it again !!!

Well I was hoping to pin the original post that has gotten his tit in the wringer again, but the site that hosted it with respect to PEMA (Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency) has pulled his information and slapped his wrist.

Short version, noobie had posted a list of digital mode frequencies that we (normal not ARES worthy) Hams need to stay away from in preparation of the impending doom we on our side of the Commonweath call a minor snow storm.

Anyway after much butthurt caused by our members and them getting booted from the same site, someone had enough foresight to send a copy of his bullshit to PEMA and here is their response.

“Dear County ARES/RACES/ACS Coordinators and friends,

Last night around 11:00 pm an unfortunate incident was brought to my attention by one of my PEMA ACS Officers. He was concerned about an entry that someone posted on an Amateur Radio Page on Facebook. I did a little research into both the post and the person doing the posting.

Someone posted a message on the page telling people to refrain from using certain frequencies stating that PEMA ACS was conducting an emergency NET. He also misidentified himself as being a PEMA ACS Liaison. He does not, nor did he ever represent PEMA ACS in any manner. We had not even heard of him until last night.

The person who made the post was a teenager who is fairly new to amateur radio. He earned his license earlier this year and became active with his local county RACES unit. I spoke with the county’s RACES Coordinator who is familiar with this person and he will address the situation with the teen.
The post has since been removed from Facebook but it left me very concerned.
This incident provides me with the opportunity to remind you that PEMA ACS will NEVER tell you what to do or not do. My staff and I will never tell you to stay off any frequency. And PEMA has very restrictive social media policies so you will never see us posting about NETs on Facebook or any other social media platform.

I contacted the board administrator as soon as I saw the post and had it pulled. If you should ever see or hear of anything like this in the future, please know that it will not have come from us. And please let me know so that I can deal with the problem. I take my promise to you very seriously and wanted to reassure you that this was not from PEMA ACS.

Could you please forward this email to any amateur radio operators within your organization. I want to make sure that everyone knows this post did not originate from our organization.

Thank you,
Susan D. Singer | Emergency Management Specialist
Commonwealth ACS Coordinator
Division of Logistics & Resource Management
Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency”

To the agitators, excellent work, your getting banned will get you a beer bought by me at Dayton.

Peace out.

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Child Molester wanting to be a VE

Howard Roux (AA4RX) showed up at a exam session wanting to be a VE..  He would have been helped into doing so but…… He’s a registered sex offender who has possessed kiddy porn.

Here’s a link to his sex offender registry page: http://offender.fdle.state.fl.us/offender/flyer.do?personId=84587

I certainly think that VE’s come in contact with children during exam sessions and it disgusts me that a registered sex offender who has distributed kiddy porn wants to become a VE.


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Update to Disgraced RACES/ARES Member

Another submission came in, appearantly there are multiple people from that RACES/ARES group who are in legal trouble,

First up: Guy H Merrill whos awaiting trial for impersonating police and pulling over/robbing prostitutes:  Story is here


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Disgraced RACES/ARES Member sent to prison for murder

This news story was submitted to us: http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2014/09/03/man-sentenced-mothers-murder.html

He’s a active (soon formerly active) member of ARES/RACES and apparently was previously charged with making bomb threats and criminal damage.   He was sentenced to life.

His callsign is KD8ORM

One has to wonder why the ARES/RACES folks didn’t discover (the bomb threats and criminal damage) this thru background checks that they do on their members…



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Ham Rovers

Someone sent in some pictures of the several ham rover vehicles:







A different rover



here’s a link to their website: k1ra website



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More W0AJA Updates!

This was sent in anonymously.  AJ W0AJA Thinks he’s going to get into ARES and RACES.

pending ARES-RACES member

Feel free to comment if you think he will make it past the background check, let alone what will happen if ARES/RACES is activated.

I bet a amber lightbar is in his future….

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More W0AJA Drama

So it appears W0AJA has been busy pissing people off on dxcluster:

This is a link to all his spam on dx cluster:  http://www.dxwatch.com/dxsd1/dxsd1.php?f=0&c=w0aja&t=de

He seems to think dxcluster is a chat room of sorta,  I am kinda wondering when his brain will kick in,  He also lied saying that the postings were someone else 3-5 minutes after he posted more junk on DXCluster.  Here’s a link to the relevant QRZ Page: Someones Spamming the Cluster

Here’s some screen caps of his dxcluster spewing:

10258089_297013343798929_4384982842516314878_n AJ not a chatroom

It seems he just goes from bad to worse when people dont want to talk to him.

Hopefully someday he grows a brain!


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