Paramedic BeastWars

Friend of the site Conundrum sent us these photos from the 2007 Durham Hamfest east of Toronto in Canada.
He stumbled across this beast of a truck – who’s external beastliness is nothing compared to the gold that lies within. Apparantly this truck is also a member of the infamous “Don Valley REACT” team we enjoy lampooning so much on this site.


The beast’s ass…. a late 80’s Suburban, maybe? Anyone want to guess how much it costs to fill this animal with fuel?

The lightbar and antenna. No whackermobile is complete without them.

The cockpit

…and this is where it gets creepy. Freelance paramedic, at your service. Complete with blue star crests on muliple reflective jackets. And, of course, no wannabee ambulance is complete without the jerry can sitting next to the go kit.

And of course, no whacking session is complete without ‘bodily fluid cleanup’

Conundrum sent us a lot of stuff… so stay tuned while I milk this cow for every last drop Thanks again!!

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9 Responses to Paramedic BeastWars

  1. Respond Wayne says:

    Sorry, you’ll milk what for how much?!? 🙂

    Good find T, I’m surprised that thing is still on the road!

  2. Want2BWacker says:

    Who the fuck would steal that thing? What’s up with the club on the steering wheel?

    Personally if I drove something like that rust bucket, I’d leave the keys in the ignition.

    To his credit, though, he actually put holes in the vehicle.

  3. k2thz says:

    A sadly common situation, I’d bet the comm gear is worth more than the truck that it lives in!

  4. Pj says:

    Anyone notice the handcuffs?

  5. VE3HBD says:

    Oof… I missed that.

    I want to know what’s in all those boxes, cases and bags? Why does a suburban REACT team need all that stuff?

  6. kb0kmj says:

    A true wacker will be very envious of this beast!

  7. n1xhf says:

    Of course they have handcuffs. Even if I was bleeding to death I would not let them anywhere near me. They would have to handcuff me!

  8. wmw1490 says:

    NewsFlash…the bodily fluids kit is useful for those peskie whacker stains when stroking the phalic organge cone. Multiple reflective jackets are for the circle jerk members….do I have to explain everything to this board???

  9. k5ehx says:

    Oh man, I want one just like it. Except no 11m.

    Although, I have to admit, this looks pretty much like a paramedic’s truck. I’m not sure what’s so interesting about it. 🙂

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