Curt is back

kurt.jpgCurt has resurfaced and he is doing fine, he was sick for the past couple of days.

Glad to hear you’re still with us man.


(edit by n3jfw 3:50am March 9th) 


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10 Responses to Curt is back

  1. ka8ypy says:

    HE’S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just spoke to him on his cell, he is doing fine, and was sick for the past couple of days.

    I asked him to post anything to hamsexy when he gets a chance.


  2. ku4my says:

    Curt you ass hole! A couple of days my old fat wrinkled ass……. Where the hell have you been this year?!?!? Don’t do that crap to us bro! Damn it I wish I wasn’t such a friggin worry wart!

  3. KD8CPP says:

    Glad to hear you’re ok!

  4. VE3HBD says:

    Welcome back, Curt!

    And a message to BG1BAO: ?????

  5. bg1bao says:

    Edited: Do not ask for Motorola RSS. It is against the law.

    If you do it one more time, your IP will be banned.

  6. bg1bao says:

    Had understood, thanks your ~

  7. bg1bao says:

    You understand Chinese?
    If I input Chinese, you can understand?

  8. VE3HBD says:

    My Chinese is very limited. I probably won’t be able to understand much. Your english is good enough for us to understand.

  9. bg1bao says:

    Knew very happily your ~ hoped we can become the friend, I have a good friend, again the HF communication, had the opportunity you to be possible frequently to contact with him, he has already related the world 86 countries, his call letter: BD1CAL

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