CB’ers hash it out…

cb.jpgWhile we at Hamsexy don’t subscribe to the ham-elitist view that CB’ers are a lower form of life, this article was just too funny not to pass on.

Men take CB radio feud outside, wind up injured

By April Hunt
Orlando Sentinel
Posted November 12 2006

APOPKA – Two men decided to settle a long-running feud in an Apopka Wal-Mart parking lot Saturday morning. One was grazed with a bullet. One was sprayed with Mace. Both ended up in the Orange County Jail, police said.

“What they were thinking, I have no idea,” said Apopka police Sgt. Jerome Miller. “It’s just strange.”

Frank J. Lukasik, 48, was arrested on a charge of aggravated battery after police said he shot Paul B. Goldman in the dispute. Goldman, 47, was arrested on a charge of battery causing bodily harm after authorities said he sprayed the chemical at Lukasik.

Both men told police they knew each other only from arguing for six years over the CB radio airwaves.

According to the police report, Lukasik announced on the radio early Saturday that he was going to the Wal-Mart on U.S. Highway 441 to buy a gift. Goldman replied he would be there “to settle their dispute and that he would have something for him [Lukasik],” the report said.

About 7:30 a.m., a witness reported seeing Lukasik walk to Goldman’s truck with his hands in his pockets. Goldman got out of his vehicle, and the two men began arguing.

Lukasik told police he only pulled out the .380-caliber Colt and fired toward Goldman when the man sprayed him with Mace. The witness said Lukasik took out the gun first but only fired after Goldman pulled out the spray.

Apopka Fire took Goldman to Orlando Regional Medical Center, where he was treated briefly for a head cut, from the bullet grazing his scalp.

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14 Responses to CB’ers hash it out…

  1. k8mhz says:


    Getting shot over being sprayed with nutmeg extract!

  2. kitn1mcc says:

    Apopka=1 tooth ville

  3. ku4my says:

    That could have only been funnier if they were in Arcadia or Port Charlotte.

  4. K8YS says:

    that is just too damned funny! kinda reminds me of my cb daze. back then, the indigious nosepickers with the IQ numbers that many would consider “over night low temps”, would gather at the White Castles and the evening would end when one would shoot at the other.

    AHHH, the good old days.

  5. kc2llt says:

    This is exactly the reason why other people think CBers are a bunch of buck-toothed, beer-guzzlin’, wild-shootin’ hicks. When’s the last time you heard of some hammie smacking the shiznit out of another hammie?

    Never! That’s when!

    I do agree that it is funny as hell listening to 27.185 MHz AM whislt travelling down the road (and much more informative than any simplex frequency) but c’mon. The id10ts that I heard on the CB when I was younger acted like a bunch of premature ejaculators, which is why I don’t play with chilren’s radios anymore.

    Nuff said.


  6. kg4foy says:

    Perfect example of a couple of terracotta toothed central Fl hillybilly inbreeders there….

  7. MoKo says:

    So a couple of FL “stump-jumpers” committed mayhem on each other! So what else is new??? Yawn!!!

  8. zerobeat says:

    Ya gits about a dozen of them stories a year. At least these two guys knowed each uther fer six years wid dat fewd, an’ nudder one o’ ’em dahd as a rezult. Sumtahms it don’ take no bugger’n six years an’ ya gits real dead-people stuff, like this here story:

    1 Dead After CB Radio Argument in Wash.
    1 dead, 1 arrested after CB radio argument at Vancouver, Wash., mall ends in shooting

    VANCOUVER, Wash., Oct. 1, 2006
    (AP) A man was shot to death Saturday in a mall parking lot following an argument over citizens band radio, police said.

    Kenneth Eichhorn, 47, died after surgery at Southwest Washington Medical Center, police said. Jon William Loveless, 44, was arrested for investigation of second-degree murder.

    Officers responding to reports of multiple gunshots in the parking lot of Westfield Vancouver mall early Saturday found Eichhorn wounded in his truck.

    Loveless called 911 a short time later, reporting that he had been involved in a shooting, police said. He was being held without bail in the Clark County Jail.

    The two men apparently did not know each other, but got into an argument over CB radio before they met at the mall. Both men were armed, police said. The nature of the argument was not disclosed.

    Fer a link, go heah:


    Fer those whut don’ know, Vancouver, WA is purt’ near Beaverton, Oregon…the home of the wannabe cop whacker dude who prays to become an ambulance-chasing attorney:


    Ya think them two white-trashin’ activities have a link between ’em?

  9. k8mhz says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised to hear something like that happen in my town.

    Ch. 20 on CB is full of people, one in particular, threatening each other. I mean death threats and the whole she-bang!

    Talk about an RF cesspool!

    Great fun to listen to though. Jerry Springer is a parochial school counselor compared to CB radio.

  10. va3igd says:

    I suppose this may be in my future, to meet in a mall parking lot and be shot by some half-crazed Toronto Ares Enforcement and Jamming Team member.
    It would be the next step from the threatening behaviour of this dude.
    To think they have gun laws in Canadia and this guy gets a licence, Woohoo!
    He certainly helps promote their helpful attitude.

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  12. Sand bagger mudduck says:

    Here in Washington, on channel 17, the drama is very bad. One guy I know drinks his alcohol and smokes his pot in his mom’s garage and talking on the cb radio. This guy makes alot of hate and discontent and makes death threats over the radio. He claims he is the best of the best and done everything better in life than any other man ever lived. I find it hard to believe, but found it that he is full of fecal matter. The really sad part is he has friends on the radio. But also learned he gives merchandises out to these people. LMAO, buying friends over the cb radio, and it works. He does this so he can be above everyone, and gives him the right to do what he does best on the radio, whine like alittle baby. In my book, if your 50 years old, live with mommy (in the garage), a drunk, and a drug user, own a cb radio, talk smack on it, your a LOSER !!!


  13. Chris R. says:

    I’ve been listening to motormouth on the cb radio for sometime now here in Olympia, Washington. This guy is a loser! I’m surprised no one has called him out after countless death threats and trash he dishes out everyday. Funny thing almost everyone love’s kissing his ass, so they don’t become a victim of his verbal abuse on the cb radio. Pretty sad for a grown man that has wasted his life living next to a cb radio.

  14. Dan M says:

    If your talking about motormouth in Lacey, yes your right about him. I’ve been listening to him trash talking about people and making death threats to even government officials.

    Here’s a youtube video of motormouth making a death threat to Obama:


    He needs to get a life.

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