The weekly net rundown…

A nice net people !

Welcome to our new friends who joined us for the first time and to our old reliables who came back after the storm.

  • Bob, K3BM was the net (out of) control.
  • Joe, KD8ATU – Michigan
  • Tyler, KD8CPP – West Virginia
  • MATT, KE4NOY – Tennesee +
  • Robert, VE6PWT – Calgary
  • Tony, K6ALF – California
  • Peter, KG6SLY – California
  • Chris, KI4PAP – North Carolina
  • Jaymz, K2JSV – New York
  • Ray, N3FH – Pennsylvania
  • JR, KG6WXT – California

Thanks to all and see you next week !

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3 Responses to The weekly net rundown…

  1. w8juz says:

    Sorry I couldnt make it, I had Civil Air Patrol, sorry all, just know i love you all

    73, 88

  2. KD8CPP says:

    Really, What squadron are you in? I am a cadet in Parkersburg Composite.= in West Virginia.

  3. CGIWN2 says:

    Look’s like the Left Coast was well respresented..


    Oh, wait.. that’s Tejas… Hummm…


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