Wednesday night net wrap-up

The net was held on Alternate site of *NCPENN* / 9058 , thanks to Corey, N3FE and the northeast reflector gang, thanks guys !

 Here is who was reading and found us:

  • KD8ATU – Joe
  • WB4ZCP – Steve
  • KI4CTB – Ian
  • K8TEK – Tim
  • W8JUZ – Laura (by text box)

Kind of quiet, we are working on finding a permanent home for the net, more details when we have them.  Thanks to those who checked in.


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3 Responses to Wednesday night net wrap-up

  1. ku4my says:

    Hi Goob and the gang! We actually dragged my old laptop to Corbitt’s last night, but, alas, were unable to get a WiFi signal. K4WTF, KG4FOY and I were with you all in spirit…… or is that spirits?

  2. mattthepm says:

    Hey, how come my name is in ALL CAPS (laughs) ?

  3. VE3HBD says:

    Because you are MATT!

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