BK Sexy Cheerleader and Racing chicks !

Hi all,

Bear with me, this is my first attempt at a post.
If you like it, tell your friends, if you don’t, kiss the skyporn logo.

I hear from hams that are clueless, that “you shouldn’t mix porn with ham radio”.
They don’t get it. WE DONT DO PORN … well not “HERE” anyway.
But we do like an occasional lady to grace our pages, and Michael
was gracious enough to share some photos with us.

Courtesy of Michael Wright K6MFW


Courtesy of Michael Wright K6MFW

Hi gang,

Here is my submission of what may be considered hamsexy material. Sorry no
photos of slobs with whacker packs or old whacker mobiles. What we have
here are some race chicks and a cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders
modeling with my Bendix King EPU handheld. These were taken at the San
Jose Grand Prix race which I participated with ARES/RACES personnel
providing comms support and amateur television for the city officials
during the race. During my spare time I found these gals and took
opportunity for photos.

The cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders is Candy and she was willing to
pose for photos for free. I felt obligated to buy a Raiderette calendar
which she autographed it for me. I had her sign it to the K6BEN ATV group

Now some of you may ask why I had them pose with an old handheld. I am a
working man and not like some of you stinking rich types that carry the
latest and greatest radios from the Big M. I had a newer Icom dualband but
it’s just too boring looking.

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8 Responses to BK Sexy Cheerleader and Racing chicks !

  1. KC8EMH says:

    I think it’s great! After all, we are men, (most of us) and I love to see women holding radios. That’s really hamsexy! I don’t care about how old the radio is – it’s hot! Great Job, Michael!

  2. grinthock says:

    bitch and moan about porn on our website — when there clearly isn’t any and then turn around and hop on 20 meters and start TRANSMITTING porn…


  3. richard says:

    The only hams that complain about pr0n here are those that are such stinky, unkempt disgustos that talking to, much less dating these beautiful women is just a dream.

    Therefore, due to their shame, they slag the site instead.

    It’s just schoolyard antics.

  4. VE3HBD says:

    If there’s no nipplage, there’s no porn….

    And even THEN..!! Trust me, if I were to bust out some Hamsexy Porn styles, I’d do something special… Maybe a dork-shaped radio or something… Don’t get me going…

  5. n3jfw says:


    Who are you my dad? I thought old sob’s were the only ones to still use that word.


    BTW-If people want porn.  That can be done in a matter of minutes.  However, we’ll keep it over on the skyporn site.

  6. va3igd says:

    Nice photo shoot!
    It seems perfectly natural for babes to be holding handheld devices with batteries.
    Perhaps we could encourage more good looking females into this hobby, help them get a license and play rescue ranger with the ARES group or at least have an ARES cheerleading team for the events they service.
    “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and these babes are beauty, eh?

  7. zerobeat says:

    Did you all notice that one of the frequent online ham radio “babes” has recently been hauled in?


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