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cop2.jpgJim N9HSH of Chicago submitted these photos to us of his ride. Click on the images for a larger version. It’s a nice, clean truck with a nice, clean install. It’s got a good mix of radios in a very slick and professional console. Jim’s a veteran ham and an ex-cop, who obviously has an eye for what works vehicle-wise. Enjoy!!

I’ve included photos of my vehicle and mobile electronics for possible publication. I have HF, 220MHz, 2 meter, 70 cm and packet/APRS capabilities as well as commercial VHF and UHF communications available. The vehicle is a 2000 GMC Suburban and serves as my daily driver. I’ve been an amateur radio operator since 1966 and a Chicago Police Officer since 1982.
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10 Responses to Truck review

  1. alex says:

    Very nice install job. Nice!

  2. rabidjade says:

    Vision controler but no lightbar?

  3. richard says:

    Beautiful. The whacker hams really need to take a lesson from guys like this.

  4. VE3HBD says:

    Rabidjade: I was thinking the same thing… Maybe it’s one of those removable un-permawhacker dealies…?

  5. rabidjade says:

    He might have the controler for the siren properties since it looks and has the feel of a smart siren controler.

  6. kitn1mcc says:

    i love the mt1000 convert-a-com not too many of those in use

  7. grinthock says:

    I’ve considered one of those SmartSiren “Style” boxes (the ones that just goto a relay box) because they are quite clean… Was planning to use it for offroad lights, winch controls and the like.

  8. n3jfw says:

    Why not use a wildcard box for that?

    It would go well with the w9.

  9. va3igd says:

    Excellent to see an amateur fulfil his dream of becoming an real police officer, congrats sir.
    I wish more of the whackers would actually do the necessary training to become professional as you did.

  10. Jim N9HSH says:

    Nope, sorry guys. No siren, no strobes, no wigwags, no whacker. I only got the Federal unit for the remote switches as well as the PA/Radio rebroadcast. Was a ham in grammar school, became interested in law enforcement in high school and studied physics in college. Graduated and became a city cop. Picure credits say I was a retired cop but it wasn’t til August of 2011 that I retired. Still an active ham and involved in the CPD.

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