Sussex NJ Hamfest

Another beautiful Sunday and another $6 to get into the Sussex County Amateur Radio Club’s 2006 Hamfest. I ran into forum member “Polar_rescue” who contributed a few photos. I also have  acouple that I took with my cellphone to add as well. So, without further delay. (you can click on the pictures for larger versions)

Instead of getting a Flea Market spot we have the ever faithful “Eat at Joe’s” method of selling your wares.

Chris was nice enough to take a photo of a fine Hamsexy T-Shirt talking to a guy who thought his hat repelled death rays from the sun. It takes all kinds, folks…

Four Wheel Drive Hamabout

RF Dominator on Channel 3 huh? “Breakah won Niiinnnnee!!”

There are some things that should NOT be sold at a Hamfest. “Get a hydrogen fuel cell to power your hamabout”

And last but certainly not least. The obligatory pile of junk on a blue tarp for everyone to dig through.

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3 Responses to Sussex NJ Hamfest

  1. dude. the 4 wheel drive hamabout only has 3 wheels. typical.

  2. VE3HBD says:

    Well, that one wheel looks like it’s doing the work of five, if that counts… 🙂

  3. va3igd says:

    Gee, I wore a Hamsexy shirt to the Ontario Hamfest in Milton, July 8, 2006, and no one took my pic, Boo Hoo!

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