Brampton Hamfest

Thanks to VE3UDP for these photos from the Peel Amateur Radio Club‘s Ham-Ex 2006, held at the Heart Lake fairgrounds in Brampton, Ontario in Canada (my hometown!!)

Taken en-route – bendy whip!!

The intrepid VA3WXM, guiding traffic – with a Hamsexy hat!!
The Hamsexy geek squad, flexing the whacker muscles
The inside of one of the Hamsexy geekmobiles

After something like nine tries, Credicon finally gets his ticket!!
I guess the Basic Qualification was harder than I remember…..?
VE3ESC chatting up the locals
It’s not a Hamfest unless there’s a scooter for sale. I wonder if
the Funky Fresh Run-DMC boombox comes with it.
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4 Responses to Brampton Hamfest

  1. Credicon says:

    Hey! I only had to do the test twice, the first time was last summer when I failed with a 69% (1% less than a passing mark) and this was the 2nd time, and I passed with over 80%… I really resent that post about it taking me “something like nine tries” to pass the test.

  2. grinthock says:

    Welcome to the world of Ribbing there Credicon! If ya can’t take a bit of ribbin, Hamsexy ain’t for YOUUUU!

    Hell even Bryan took the ribbin about his Taco Bell Habits — now look at his belt…

  3. Administrator says:

    Grow a set, man! It’s all in good fun. We all take ribbings now and then on here.

  4. KI6DJZ says:

    GIGGITY! i love the superhamsexy rims on that whacker soccerdad van.

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