Hamsexy Net Tonight

Yes folks… the Hamsexy Net is on tonight!

This is the first time that I’ve been around during net time (I’ve finished up my training seminars and I’ve got mornings free) – so I will be presiding over the Hamsexy Net! Thanks to everyone that have been handling it my stead – I appreciate it guys. We have a standard rotation for nets, it will be posted sometime in the future when it gets finalized.

There are two ways to access the net:

Echolink: *VAN-IRLP*
IRLP: Node 9007

The net will begin at 9pm EDT/6pm PDT sharp (9am Taiwan time – so I will be up early!!) Net control will be me Bryan VE3HBD/BV.

See you all at 9pm!!

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3 Responses to Hamsexy Net Tonight

  1. k2jsv says:

    Sorry I wasn’t able to check in at all…

    Thx to Shaun to checkin me in though. If there is something that you guys want for a theme for next week PM or e-mail me on the forums.


  2. X says:

    Haha. I want more Meow-mix!

  3. mattthepm says:

    “Run, boy! Come back any time, though! Hehehehehehehehhhhar!!!”

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