Picture from Hamsexy get together in Houston last week

Well, sort of a get together. Batdude and motorola_otaku met up, with a bunch of hot chicks.

Doug and Josh pick up the chickies!

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16 Responses to Picture from Hamsexy get together in Houston last week

  1. X says:

    DOUG WTF!! HOLY CRAP. That beats Dayton! I would’ve creamed my shorts.. hot damn, brother!

  2. n3jfw says:

    dude, you cream your shorts watching the power puff girls

  3. X says:

    Seth, you cream your pants when you see a shiny new mag-mount. Give me a break, fag.

  4. w4coj says:

    Shaun, The only thing I got to say is “Would Ya”

  5. X says:

    God damnit Phil, I ain’t Mikey. OF COURSE I WOULD!!! REDNECK SOB

  6. JohnnyGalaga says:

    Whoooosh, right over my head!

    Is anyone else here lost or is it just me? How did you know that ‘X’ is someone named ‘Shaun’? Who is ‘Phil’? And who is ‘Mikey’?

    The “cream your pants” thing is about the only part of this thread I actualy understand.

  7. kc2kit says:

    It’s a Dayton thing… you wouldn’t understand.

  8. k2fix says:

    See what buying a bucket of beers will do ?

  9. n3jfw says:


    it’s wouldya

    one word

    dman, I’d say I’m taking away your redneck ID card-but you issue them!

  10. KC9ECI says:

    X is part of the Hamsexy identity protection program. He’s pissed off so many people, that were his real name be commonly known to the masses, he’d be the subject of homosexual ASSault.

  11. vk2qq says:

    OK, so you met these “hot chicks” but did you remember what to do with them next? Did your father have ‘that talk’ with you or were you geeking over Motorola brochures?

    (I like the one in black, blue bra, right side of photo.)

  12. Slashdot says:

    [Comment deleted by admin]

  13. va3igd says:

    These guys are pretty smart going to a bar where the girls outnumber the guys by soooooo much!

  14. X says:

    If you want to meet cunts, go to an all-women gym and say you’re there to calibrate the scales. Then you tell them the damn thing was off by 10 pounds, and they’ll want to screw you all night long.

  15. Slashdot says:

    [Comment deleted by admin.. come on, enough with the personal attacks]

  16. n0xmz says:

    Daaaaammmmmmmnnn….. I GOTTA get to Houston!

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