(Courtesy of mrcpu from the Hamsexy Forums)

What the heck? Is this the most retarded thing in the world? Why not have a cell phone contest? Or, like mrcpu said, contesting with MSN? Are people that desperate to run something?

Yeah, this counts as the dumbest idea ever. And coming from a dumb site like Hamsexy, it’s pretty dumb.

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7 Responses to WTF….?

  1. Bacon Fryer says:

    Ham Radio: 1955 1.) Antenna bigger than house 2.) Big Chassis full of tubes, half of which, built by owner. 3.) Reliance on atmospheric conditions and blind luck to succeed.

    Ham Radio 2005: 1.)Remove plastic and stryofoam from HT. 2.) Find repeater w/ IRLP. 3.)Achieve what most cellphones now offer for free.

    “I’ve been to 2 world’s fairs and a rodeo and thats the Stupidest thing I’ve ever heard come thru a headset!”

    Slim Pickens~”Dr. Strangelove”

  2. k8mhz says:

    I checked the rules and found no extra points for actually using a radio.

    How about an e-mail reflector contest? At least you can call CQ and not know ahead of time what station will answer!

    Ya gotta give it to ’em for originality! Not to be outdone I think I will start an NTS traffic net on EchoLink.

    You never know what’s gonna happen when the broadband opens up on 128 Mbps!

  3. grem467 says:

    Sweet, im going to start a Nextel contest..

    bonus multipliers for DX.

  4. SparX says:

    Where is the challenge, modem speed?

    Truly something as retarded as this will cause permanent brain damage?

    “A mind is a terrible thing to waste, provided you had one to start with…””

  5. MoKo says:

    I’m a big “contestor” and am anxious to see what kinds of “awards” IRLP “DXing” will earn.

  6. ab0sf says:

    I think I got WAS last week. Do the calls all have to be Direct Connect, or can it be a mix of DC and Interconnect (cellular)?

  7. MoKo says:

    You dipshits are just jealous because your’re not getting any of the neat ECHOLINK DX Contest awards that make ARRL awards look like crap.

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