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ALERT!! Hamsexy ALERT!!

The National Hamsexy Station has issued an alert for all of Hamsexy. All agents for hamsexy are now on alert in compliance with National Hamsexy Alert Level 1. Special Thanx for Bob, K3BM for the alert to all of our … Continue reading

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Hamsexy Net!!

Another Hamsexy Net for the History Books With a total of 11 check-ins we got a few questions answered and just had a little bit of rag-chew. I will be back next week for Net Control again, so feel free … Continue reading

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Caprice Hooptie!!

It’s times like these that make me happy that I carry a camera with me when I work on the road. My partner and I happened to stop at WalMart the other day and found this gem. Definately old school … Continue reading

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Sussex NJ Hamfest

Another beautiful Sunday and another $6 to get into the Sussex County Amateur Radio Club’s 2006 Hamfest. I ran into forum member “Polar_rescue” who contributed a few photos. I also haveĀ  acouple that I took with my cellphone to add … Continue reading

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Thanx Lonestar Steakhouse!!

A special Hamsexy Thank You deservingly goes out to the management and staff of the Lonestar Steakhouse on Miller Ln in Dayton Ohio. They took on 30 to 40 Hamsexy (and Batlabs) crew over 2 nights without hesitation, and then … Continue reading

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Dayton Raffle Winner – Alex K2XTS

Congratulations to Alex, K2XTS the winner of the Hamsexy Dayton 2006 Raffle. Alex is now the proud owner of a VHF Astro Saber 1 with Impress Charger. Seen below is Alex accepting his prize from our very own Booth-Babe… Amy!! … Continue reading

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More Photo Contributions

We have had yet another successful day at Hamvention 2006. With that, I sat at the booth keeping Darrell company collecting any photos that anyone wanted to contribute. Please click on the following links for the contributers and the photos … Continue reading

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More Dayton Photos

They’re still coming…. Here are some shots taken by the Batlabs Northeast Enforcement Division. K4WTF giving the weather whackers some SkyPorn Not only did WTF own the newscrew TWICE… but he also stickered them too. The Hamsexy Crowd with SuitSat … Continue reading

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