King of All Weather-Whackers

Keith KC8TCQ posted a great message in the Hamsexy Forums about a weather whacker he met one night. As promised, here are the photos he snapped of this travesty on four bald tires. Enjoy!

I had made a post about this guy on the forums, this guy is a total whack job

Let me start by giving a little background information, I am a SKYWARN trained spotter, here we work closely with the county EMA, with a full amateur radio suite in the EOC, with Stormlabs software, and the Mobile Threat Net system, where you can get raw radar from NWS right to your computer via XM sat so no internet connection needed.Anyway one night after shutting down the SKYWARN net and the weather had cleared, I went out for a coffee at the truck stop here in town.

I was sitting here looking at the radar on my laptop and this whackjob in a bright yellow turban (no he is not arabic or east indian) comes up and introduces himself as a storm chaser.

He proceeds to tell me the “science” of storm chasing, he said his turban is the latest in storm chaser protection, saying that if you are too close to the tornado that the suction would pull the turban off your head and spin you like a top and spin you out of the path. And here I thought it was so he could clean the crap out of his pants after it was over.

Then he drags me out to his car so I could see all of his “highly specialized storm chasing equipment”. this whackjob has a flipping direct tv dish mounted to the roof of his reliant station wagon, says it is for his “doppler radar”. He has 8 antenas on this car not counting the direct tv dish. He says two of the antennas are for lightning protection so his “specialized equipment” won’t be damaged.

So do you want to know what his “specialized equipment” consists of? An 8 inch b/w tv, a scanner, and an old analog cell phone that is only capable of calling 911. (oh and after my original post on the forums, I see from the picture he has 2 CB radios).

I was told by a friend that this whackjob lives in Defiance Ohio, and before he got hiscar, he had a tricked out storm chasing bicycle, complete with all the antennas and the sat dish mounted to a rack over the rear tire. Too bad I couldn’t have gotten a picture of THAT setup. With the slight possibility of some storms this afternoon I have a feeling I’ll run into him this evening. I have talked to a lot of whackjobs in my career in emergency services/emergency management, but this guy out shines them all.

As always, click on the image to see them in their full-size glory.weather1.jpg

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15 Responses to King of All Weather-Whackers

  1. richard says:

    This guy is awesome!!!!!!

  2. mattthepm says:

    An Army Of One?! Bah!

    I give him an ‘E’ for effort, as in ‘EEEEGAD’ !

    I wonder if he has a TiVo for the Directv dish?

  3. VE3HBD says:

    If CFNY was the Spirit of Radio, this guy is the Spirit of Hamsexy.

  4. kc7yra says:

    I wonder if he drives in circles to AIM his dish.

  5. The IVT says:

    “this whackjob has a flipping direct tv dish mounted to the roof of his reliant station wagon, says it is for his “doppler radar”.”


  6. ku4my says:

    And you guys say that ‘I’ am a friggin nut case! HAH!!! Well, I am, but that’s besides the point!

  7. 2112 says:

    I love the dual-CB setup as well as the dash-mounted “ash-trough”. Classy!

  8. Lenny says:

    Why is it that these dudes always have the red velour interiors in their rides?

    Has anyone else noticed that, or am I just fixating.

    I am only into black leather, but that is another story for another thread.

    ha ha


  9. RolnCode3 says:

    “An Army of None”

  10. va3igd says:

    We need his kind up here in Canadia to assist in the training of the Toronto ARES group.
    He can teach them all how to really do it!
    I think his Storm Chaser License is valid here by way of reciprocal agreements between our Nations.
    BTW, if he gets a flat tire, does the “doppler shift”?

  11. BLOCKHEAD says:

    I think that one sticker on that “vehicle” explains it all….DENSO!

  12. kitn1mcc says:

    all i can say is awful and this guy stinks

  13. n0xmz says:

    Oh my, oh my. I wonder what the wind load on the dish is? And just what the hell is it connected to? I don’t see a DISH tuner box for the TV.

  14. sabersaw says:

    Nice rig. Wonder what the drawing/schizophrenic hieroglyphics on the back of that dish mean?

  15. Cooter says:

    Those drawings are tornadoes…man.

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