HamSexy Net 9/26/2007

Fun was had by checking in — we verified that, yes, our radios and/or computers actually still work.

Here are the check-ins:

VE6PWT Robert in Calgary, AB, Canada
KA4VFD Matt in TN, USA

and last but not least…

KC8RYW Jonathan (impromptu net control) in OH, USA.

PS: Someone needs to step up for net control next week. I’ll be busy earning a check to pay the bills during net time.

Edit by KD8CPP: I will try to take it, but I too will be busy earning a check/getting an education. If I get off from work, or have too much homework, don’t count on it. If I think I can take it, I will post a message on Tuesday evening.

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2 Responses to HamSexy Net 9/26/2007

  1. RADIO says:

    dose anyone know when the next net is i just got echolink running.

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