Hamsexy Net 7-11-07

Not many checkins this week, but at least we had a net. I will be on vacation this week, but next week I will take it if no one else wants it.


Thanks for checking in.

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  1. bailenforcer says:

    If anyone is impersonating an officer of the law or even to imply as such, they should be prosecuted. But as a retired investigator/detective, and bail recovery agent, I don’t have much of an issue with people who help others in need, and to have a light bar that meets current State law which is normally NO Blue and in some cases NO red, I see little possible harm. White, amber, green, and purple in many states are ok. Why do people do the light bar thing? Other than safety, it may be a “look at me I feel important” syndrom.
    Remember this, lots of lights flashing and lighting things up might save a life. Some elderly woman sitting on a lonely stretch of rural highway will be very happy to see a react or other person pull up and provide the comfort and help as needed. There was once a time when people did help others in need. I moved from Detroit to the northern reaches of Michigan and if someone would break down on our roads late at night, they might spend hours stranded only to be visited by bear and deer trying to cross the road. There is a place for everything, and even light bars, but common sense should prevail, and misuse should not.

  2. bailenforcer says:

    I must admit I am amused at some of these people. Ship radar on a car, isn’t a bright idea indeed. I wonder how much damage that can do to people in line with the radar signal. Some of the wanna be’s might need a life.

  3. n3jfw says:

    Do you carry bear mace?

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