Idaho Ham Club Lures Participation with Lightbar

Since our start, we here at Hamsexy have exposed the strange fetish that some hams seem to have with emergency vehicle lighting. A loyal Hamsexy Observer (HO) gave us the heads up on this story in the great State of Idaho. The Voice of Idaho (VOI), an ARRL sponsored club, posted this gem on their website recently:

Win a Light Bar!

Written by K9NSP
Tuesday, 22 May 2007

I’ve donated a (magnetic) Amber Halogen ResponderR II Light Bar (valued at $100) to the VOI, expressly for the purpose of awarding it to the ECT member that accumulates the most points, over the course of the next year, as I’ll outline below.

Luckily, we won’t bore you with the points outline.

So sign up, have fun joining us at public service events, and potentially take home a really nice light bar on June 11th, 2008.

Want to learn more about the light bar I’m giving away? Check it out here:

That’s the light bar that I blinded everyone (myself included) with at the ham fest last year.

It seems that the VOI thinks nothing works better as a motivator to get hams participating with club events than offering a lightbar capable of blinding others. And that terrifies us here at Hamsexy.

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3 Responses to Idaho Ham Club Lures Participation with Lightbar

  1. k2thz says:

    From the web site: “…in short, good deeds will be rewarded with extra points.”

    Um, what sorts of things? You mean like “showering prior to arrival at event?” or is it more like “Harrass as many event participants as possible while directing traffic in the parking lot?”

  2. k6mfw says:

    “lightbar capable of blinding others”

    Wow! I has gots to get me one of those. Don’t know what to do with, maybe mount it on a golfcart, install with duct tape bunch of boatanchors from this weekends flea market. (ugh, maybe not)

    I can hear it now. A sergeant at a police academy, “there’s only two kinds of people with lightbars. Those that pass the academy, and those who are whackers. And I don’t see a badge on you, so you must be a whacker!”

  3. RADIO says:

    you are wrong sergeant i do have a badge from the back of the arrl catalog it has my callsign and says emergency communications

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