Hamsexy Net 2-21-07

Hamsexy NetIt was a good net as always.
Jaymz had some microphone problems so K3BM filled in and the following brethren came in to say “Hi” :

KD8CPP – Tyler
KC0WFC – Justin
VE3HBD – Bryan
KE4NOY – Matt
N8FQ – Joe
VA2VAX – Jean
VE1WRG – Derek
K2JSV – Jaymz
VE6PWT – Robert
VE3XLS – Mike
VA3FIS – Tom
KC8ZLK – Dan

Jaymz had a few seconds of live microphone and it alternated between sounding like an echo chamber to a midget caught in a band saw. Perhaps he will show pictures of the microphone burning up after he tossed it in the fire.

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6 Responses to Hamsexy Net 2-21-07

  1. KD8CPP says:

    Nice, now go buy a real mic.

  2. k2jsv says:

    I am accepting donations.

  3. K8TEK says:

    Way to release Dioxin into the atmosphere…

  4. k2jsv says:

    Oh… go hug a tree…

  5. exkalibur says:

    I’d care about dioxins and all the other BS in our atmosphere, if the governments would take it seriously. The day they get serious by banning automobiles from the downtown core during rush hour and charging a (very heafty) premium for vehicles driven in the city all other times, I’ll get serious about giving a sh!t.

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