HAMSEXY NET!! Tonight!!

Like a pendulum of doom swinging back at us, it is again Wednesday and again time for the Hamsexy Net!! Not only is it the Holiday Season and I am sure some you slackers are out finishing up your shopping, but tonight I think it almost requires that we talk about the gift we got from the FCC. CODE EXAM IS GONE!! So we’ll discuss that and the “Hamsexy Elmering Challenge”.
As always the Warp Radio Network will be here to simulcast the net for anyone that cannot get onto Echolink or onto an IRLP Node.
So be sure to check into IRLP Node 9008 or Echolink Conference *VAN-IRLP* at 2100 hours this evening and make sure your voice is heard by all.
EDIT – Tonight’s Check ins

K2JSV – James (Net Control)

KD8CPP – Tyler

KI4HEE – Bob

K2JLX – James

WB4ZCP – Steve

KE4NOY – Matt

W8JUZ – Laura

KG4RNN – Checked in Listening through Warp Radio

KB7LMI David

KE5FUS – Mark

VE6PWT – Bob

KC2LLT – Carl

VA2VAX – John

We had a great turnout with some great commentary regarding the Code Test and eliminating it. I edited it above, but also my apologies to Tom, I mis-spoke above, and it wasn’t to be a slight against supporters. This was the best turn out that I have ever had while at Net Control, and I want to thank everyone for comin out and getting involved. Happy Holidays to all, and Happy New Year!!73, K2JSV
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8 Responses to HAMSEXY NET!! Tonight!!

  1. ku4my says:

    Sorry kid, the code hasn’t gone away, just used it and it still works just fine. If you’re referring to Element 1 (and of course I know you are), try not to get everyone too riled up without letting them know that it may be the middle of February before they gather up their CSCEs or run out to the testing session (unless they want to hold on to them and wait and return them after it is dropped to have them resubmitted.

    As exciting as all of this is including the suggestion of an Elmering effort, I am doing my best to be sure that all I talk to about it have all of the info and not a half of the story, so as to not disappoint anyone with my exuberence. Disappointing friends and new hammy potentials with wrong, inaccurate or partial information (less than the little that is already available) will do more harm than good.

    Be careful, play nice and have a great holiday, my ass will be at work tonight!

  2. k2jlx says:

    Great net, good first participation for me too. Witnessed the coining of a new hamsexy acronym, love YF!

  3. w8juz says:

    Oh man, not the YF again, can we all just forget that?

  4. ki4hee says:

    Hey! I’m not on the check-in list. I know I checked in… Net Control checked me in… & it was a first time check-in. KI4HEE

  5. k2jsv says:

    There ya go Bob, Sorry about that. My contacts were getting fuzzy at that point so reading my own handwriting was a challenge.

  6. w8juz says:

    thats what 6 cups of coffee will do to you!

  7. ku4my says:

    Quote* “There ya go Bob, Sorry about that. My contacts were getting fuzzy at that point so reading my own handwriting was a challenge.
    Comment by k2jsv ”

    Shave em!

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