Hamsexy Net Controllers needed

Due to my not being able to be around for most Hamsexy nets as I am stuck in Taiwan’s 12 hour time zone difference from North America, I need some more people to step forward to do net control for our weekly Wednesday Night net.

If you are interested, please PM me from within the Hamsexy Forums. From there, all net controllers will get access to the private Net Controller message forum, in which you will be assigned a night to do net control.

Again, if you are interested and can do it at least one a month or so, please PM me.


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5 Responses to Hamsexy Net Controllers needed

  1. n5api says:

    I’m sure some of us are still wondering why you’d move to Taiwan, even if the pay was better. To each their own I guess. I’d be willing to help out myself, except that the net is right in the middle of one of my evening classes. Maybe next semester’s schedule will be more ham friendly.

  2. Administrator says:

    Well, I moved here for both the pay and the experience… and of course all the asian women (there seems to be a lot of asian women in Taiwan for some reason)…

    It’s fun, but I don’t think I’ll be spending more than my contractural year here.

  3. n3jfw says:

    No shit? Asian women in taiwan?


  4. Teh_Bunneh says:

    Wow… I wonder if there is rice there too!

  5. WA3RDM says:

    you say they have lice there ? Flied Lice ?

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