Wheaton, Illinois hamfest

First of all, many apologies to Michael N9OGC. He submitted these photos to us in mid-January, but amidst the hassle of my move to Taiwan his e-mail got lost in the shuffle. I found it today, though – so better late than never, here are N9OGC‘s photos. Sorry, Michael – and thanks for the submission!!

Dear friends – Here are some pictures from the Wheaton Community Radio Amateurs Mid-Winter Hamfest in St. Charles, Illinois. Hope you like them!

What a cold, chilly day….

What the hell is that wooden thing? Any ideas?

A waste of a pickup – with lousy antenna placement to boot.

It doesn’t matter what the car – long HF antennae tied down NEVER looks good.

How to look like both a whacker and a suburban soccer dad at exactly the same time

It’s not Hamsexy.com unless we include at least ONE whacker light

How to ruin a perfectly good truck in exactly 4 antennae

Tied down or not, HF antennae on cars NEVER look good. All that’s missing is one of those old VW bugs with that gay key sticking out of the roof.

Thanks again for the submission. Keep ’em coming!!

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7 Responses to Wheaton, Illinois hamfest

  1. Lenny says:

    If you notice, none of the cars pictured are the rust bucket beaters found at some other hamfests.

    In Illinois, we only drive “nice” whackermobiles.

    ha ha

    P.S. I was there also and it was so foggy that you could bearly see 100 yds ahead.

  2. kb9khf says:

    Actually they just don’t let them drive through Geneva or Wheaton. Its bad for the uppity-uppity appearences.

  3. spudboy488 says:

    And forget about coming in from the west through St. Charles!

  4. vk2qq says:

    Look at the snow. good grief. In this country, we won’t even go outside if it is overcast!

  5. Administrator says:

    VK2QQ – Bah.. that’s nothing, man…

    From the buildup on the trees and antennae, it looks like they had an ice storm too.

  6. KC9ECI says:

    Traffic doesn’t even slow down here for the first 6 inches of snow, and after that it might slow down 5 to 10 MPH.

  7. Lenny says:

    The van with the wooden bracket belongs to a member of one of our local repeater clubs.
    It is a homebrew fold over bracket for a fox hunting antenna.
    I think if it was reproduced in aluminum or something, it might not look so odd.
    I aggree that when you are out to get the fox, or catch a jammer, looks don’t matter.


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