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I am currently sitting in a Starbucks in downtown Tainan City, because my internet crapped out at home. Sigh…

Hopefully it’s up by the time the net rolls around tonight – unfortunatley it can’t be helped. If I am not online by the time the net starts, I would request that someone take it over (if they are so inclined) and let me know how it went. Accept my apologies.

If I *am* online, then the net will go forward!

Thanks to everyone while I try to get my shit straight here – I’ve pretty much adjusted to Taiwan, but working internet issues out is a pain… My landlady has made an arrangement with the guy upstairs to share his internet access in order to save money – but again, it’s on a router. I have no idea of Echolink will even work for me.. but I will try…

Thakns to Jaymz who took the reigns last week… and thanks to everyone who’s been so supportive…

Take care, and zaijian!

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  1. WA3RDM says:

    If you arent there, I can handle it tonight, I have nowhere to go.

  2. grinthock says:

    Unless he forwards the port through, you are SOL. Echolink requires a port forward.

  3. kc2kit says:

    I’ll try to get on the net and participate. No promises though, few family things happening today.

  4. Administrator says:

    Sorry about that, guys… I’m borrowing the guy’s connection upstairs (an arrangement made by my landlady), so I’m not able to use Echolink. He doesn’t speak English, and I’m afraid i didn’t learn how to say “port forward” in Chinese…. Until I get a connection of my own (or get him to forward some ports for me) I’m afriad I won’t be able to participate in the net. Urgh.

  5. na6m says:

    Have you checked out the echolink proxy?


  6. Administrator says:

    Hey NA6M – thanks for the info, but I’ve got a Mac.. and Echomac doesn’t offer support for the proxy server (as far as I can tell…)… There’s even an Echolink proxy server in Taipei, too… Ah well..

  7. ve7ltd says:

    You can set up an agreement to use a PPTP type VPN, which would give you a static IP address on the outside, via you MAC.

    I know some IRLP people that do this from time to time when travelling, including myself. The trick would be to find one in a location that is somewhere between Taiwan and where you want to talk to.

    I have set up a VPN service for IRLP users.

    Dave Cameron

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