(VE3LT’s old callsign – courtesy VE3LT)

Here are some of my favourite search engine hits for (what people type into a search engine to stumble across this site…)

– how canadian bands get famous
– NFPA +”yellow lights” +”fire truck” why
– suing for verbal assault
– fuck schoolgirls +young +lolita -white
– big ass
– mellons
– naked police
– rape +how to
– Hamster sex
– Gorillaz
– tentacle sex hentai

The top 10 callsigns searched for that led people to Hamsexy (in order)

1. N6AYJ
3. N3JFW (first time I’m ahead of Seth!)
4. K0VD
5. VE4UO
7. W0AMY
9. K8TEK
10. W3SY

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5 Responses to Callsign

  1. K8TEK says:

    WTF, Why am I in the top ten?

  2. Administrator says:

    I guess you’re just that popular, Tim!

  3. VE9SEX says:

    Why didn’t my Call trigger it lol


  4. X says:

    And what’s with my callsign being popular? Holy crap. I feel important. If I have any fans out there, they can come lick my 800 MHz stubby duck.

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