Hamsexy Net Check-in List

Last night’s net was one of our longest nets – about an hour and twelve minutes… not bad!

VE3HBD Bryan from Toronto, Ontario (net control)
KC7MVO Justin from Denver, Colorado
NP4AI Brad from Denver, Colorado
W0JRG Jeremy from St. Peter, Minnestoa
VA3TRV Trevor from Dundas, Ontario
KD7LVX Steven from Las Vegas, Nevada
N3TOY Jamie from Las Vegas, Nevada
AB8GL John from Bangor, Michigan
K3BM Bob from LaPorte, Penn State
KC4ZWC ??? from ??
KC0UDO Will from Mantorville, Minnesota
W9ORN Barb from Hubertis, Wisconsin
VE4UO Shaun from Winnipeg, Manitoba
N0VSJ Colin from Las Vegas, Nevada
WA7VGN Richard from Las Vegas, Nevada
VE3LT Tom from Niagara Falls, Ontario
VE3NSV Terry from Kitchener, Ontario
VE3BU Dave from Brampton, Ontario
K9JAC John from Hubertis, Wisconsin
KC0TLW Dave from Inglewood, Colorado
KG4WIJ Brian from Fort Payne, Alabama
NZ9T Renee from Fort Payne, Alabama
VA3GAK Jerry from Brampton, Ontario
VA3JDS ??? from Windsor, Ontario
N3TOY Jamie from Las Vegas, Nevada
N0XMZ Scott from Dallas. Texas
KC9GPJ Dave from somewhere in Wisconsin
VK2QQ Brad in New South Wales, Australia

28 check-ins, not bad. Our theme for tonight was dropping the code requirement for HF – naturally everyone has an opinion on it, which is why the net lasted so long. It was a great net, though – very fun and informative.

I would also like to add that net control next week will be Tom VE3LT in Niagara Falls, Ontario. He is also one of our rotating net controllers for when I go away. Congrats, Tom! Next weel, the net, quite literally, is yours. I will be around, but I will be merely checking in as a common user.

See you guys next week!

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