Hamcom 2008

Hamcom 2008 has come and gone. The highlight of the event was, of course, the Hamsexy dinner at Bone Daddy’s. The star of the show was totally unexpected and totally welcome by all. Thank goodness motorola_otaku remembered his camera.
Hamsexy Waitress
Ahh yes, Hamsexy indeed.
The Crew
The Hamsexy crew from Dallas, Houston, and Oklahoma. Seated counter-clockwise: Nathaniel, KE5OMF (blugu64), Josh, KD5QCZ (motorola_otaku), Scott, (N0XMZ), Curran, KD5UXO, Brent (kd5wyu), Leah (mam1081’s g/f), Mark, AE5DN (mam1081), Rick, W5TUX (aka “the lurker”), Jonathan, K5VX (Victor Xray), Chris (sklnd). Good food, great service, good times!

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4 Responses to Hamcom 2008

  1. W9JAB says:

    Now I see a reason to go to Dayton

  2. giminy says:

    I believe that the proper ham joke would be something like, “She can work my rig any time”…

  3. ku4my says:

    Damn it I can’t figure out what’s worse, the mindless skanky bitch whose picture hasn’t ventured towards the bottom of the page yet or the pack of south western tardz who all appear to have an extra chromosome.

    Oh, W9JAB, last time I checked, Dayton wasn’t in Texas and giminy, as you obviously have a taste for shit, you can have my turn at that as well. She really does bring a whole new meaning to ‘Hire The Handicapped’.

  4. ku4my says:

    Oh and if I haven’t pissed you pack of ‘Corky’ Downs Syndrome victims off yet…… it’s great to see some of Hamsexy returning from the grave.

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