Time for skywarn Pt. 2

Well we got another one with the “cool” antennas, lights, and stickers. This is one of the better ones I have seen for a while. I will even make an equipment list for this guy.

  1. Code3 Mini Lightbar
  2. RDF antennas
  3. Over the counter stickers
  4. Antennas

I think that sums it up.

……..Without further ado.

Gay Skywarn


Inside weather car

(click for fullsize)

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16 Responses to Time for skywarn Pt. 2

  1. W9JAB says:

    Hay, this guy is the man I want a unit like this when I grow up

  2. kc9iiz says:

    His web site has an inside shot of the “storm chasing vehicle”

  3. 2112 says:

    When I chase, I watch for porcupines, plumbers, billboards, blinkies & wannabees. This claptrap delivers at least 4 of the 5!

  4. ki4hee says:

    Whadda u expect with a 9 call? Isn’t Storm chase cars standard issue there? If this guys driving down the road just get outta his way, the last thing he’s looking at is out his windshield.

  5. n1xhf says:

    HAHAHA! What a wacker! I don’t know whats more dangerous? The storm this moron would be chasing or that car on the road he is driving!!!!

  6. wmw1490 says:

    Good giggly-wiggly….this is by far the most whacktastic ecom car to date. We need someone in his area to get a skyporn sticker on this beauty.

  7. kc8vwm says:

    I truely appreciate the service this guy is offering the local community but yeah, I admit I suppose I have to step back and ask where do we draw the line on this matter.

    Skywarn is a valuable service but we don’t need this sortt of thing going on.

    Gee, tone it down a notch there a bit police cruiser/ special forces wannabe guy.


    73 de KC8VWM

  8. rush2112 says:

    the danger is the binoculars that are not secured.

  9. KC9FSH says:

    So I wonder if he did any electrical system upgrades to the car. If he didn’t put a high output alternator or something else in there I could see the alternator decided to head south whiles he’s running all of the equipment during his “vortex tracking”

  10. gopher says:

    The fact that its a old POS ass crappy Oldsmobile is just icing on the cake. how come these whackers pick the worst vehicles?!

  11. sindow says:

    Aw man, I saw this guy around town and I was going to take a couple of pictures. Somebody beat me to it!

  12. alex says:

    I think a better question should be why can’t hams figure out how to actually write a webpage that you can read without going color blind?!? Holy !!!!!!!!

  13. n9xcr says:

    “His web site has an inside shot of the ‘“storm chasing vehicle’”

    That site looks just as crappy as his car!

  14. n0loh says:

    Why do they always have a radar detector? Isn’t that implying they wish to break the law?

  15. Dax says:

    What’s Wrong with this guy..?? WTF is he thinking.. Removes his passanger seat to put all that crap on there.. Wonder what his wife thinks if he has one.. Also what’s with all those strobe lights.. Are they really nessecary.. This indiviual is clearly a Storm Chaser Psycho who needs to be brought back to reality…..!!!!!!

  16. Dax says:

    oh and the equipment he uses that sh1t looks like it comes from radio shack in the 1980’s.. WHAT A LOSER

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